now Milly Carlucci finally speaks

now Milly Carlucci finally speaks
now Milly Carlucci finally speaks

dancing with the Stars

The hostess decides to take stock of the situation regarding the singer, the Green Pass, privacy and the latest news on Memo Remigi

Published on October 26, 2021

Now we don’t talk about anything else: Mietta, current competitor of Dancing with the Stars, it turned out positive for Covid-19. But that’s not why the chaos has started. It all concerns the vaccination, not happened. Anyone has spoken, including politicians and immunologists, and now he thinks about speaking Milly Carlucci. The hostess decides to clarify what happens within her program by talking about Green Pass e e privacy. Not only that, it belies the latest news on Memo Remigi. His new message arrives in these minutes on Twitter, through a video.

First of all, the famous presenter is keen to say thanks to all those who sympathetically follow her talent show on Rai 1. However, today she would like to do the point of the situation. And here he goes into detail, pointing out that at the entrance everyone shows the Green Pass and has the temperature measurement. In addition, to ensure a safe environment, they each perform the quick swab twice a week.

“At this point, if we all have the Green Pass we are fine under the current law. It is not possible for privacy reasons to investigate the origin of the Green Pass which may arise from vaccination, recovery or swab “

With this, Carlucci specifies that it is not possible to know who, among the competitors, is vaccinated and who is not. Always, of course, to respect privacy. This is how Milly talks about Mietta, reiterating that it is positive. Furthermore, he states that the singer is currently at home and is expecting her to become negativized. Confirm that Maykel Fonts “is fine” and is swab negative. While not positive, the dancer still has to respect “The legal terms for his return to work”.

With regard to Memo Remigi, Milly Carlucci absolutely wants to deny the latest news: “Totally false news has circulated”. The presenter explains that the singer had “A fleeting encounter with a person who included it in the tracking”. Both rapid and molecular swabs were negative. Plus, he’s fine and he’s just waiting to figure out how and when he’ll get back into the game.

How the Mietta case in Dancing with the Stars was born

The story linked to the singer sul vaccine has really sparked a lot of controversy. Only recently did the virologist Roberto Burioni choose to speak. But it all began in the course of episode of Dancing aired in the early evening of Saturday 23 October. Here, the singer herself revealed that she tested positive for Covid-19. Selvaggia Lucarelli started the controversy by asking the competitor if she was vaccinated. Initially, the person concerned refused to give an answer, only to admit that she did not.

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