Draghi gets up and leaves: firefight with the unions

Draghi gets up and leaves: firefight with the unions
Draghi gets up and leaves: firefight with the unions

No agreement between Mario Draghi and the trade unions. This was confirmed by the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini: “The meeting between us did not go well there are some partial and positive answers on the reform of the social safety nets there are 3 billion for us they are not enough“. From the secretary’s words, however, one cannot perceive the real climate in which the summit took place, which according to what we learn was very tense. The meeting lasted over three hours and another confrontation was scheduled in the tomorrow, denied by Maurizio Landini on Tuesday evening.

No meeting is scheduled for tomorrow“, said Maurizio Landini, but a meeting within the G20 of trade unions is scheduled. Position confirmed also by the leader Uil, Pierpaolo Bombardieri: “Tomorrow we will not meet again with the premier. Is a mistake. Tomorrow there is the meeting on Labor 20 in view of the G20 with the international trade unions and the world trade union

The secretary of the CGIL then added: “The government is thinking of growth that will bring GDP back to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the first half of 2022. This growth cannot create precarious work. The contribution system for pensions can only hold up if job insecurity is put to an end“. Mario Draghi seemed very firm on the road to be followed, a position that the unions did not appreciate, as Landini pointed out:”The government reiterated that on Thursday it will approve the maneuver in the CDM and that this is the perimeter. We will evaluate what he will decide, what we have said is clear: if we go in a certain direction well, if they want to deal with us well, otherwise we will evaluate together with Cisl and Uil what to do“.

“Prime Minister Mario Draghi has left the meeting with the trade unions on the maneuver called this afternoon at Palazzo Chigi for a commitment. The discussion that continues now with the ministers Renato Brunetta, Daniele Franco and Andrea Orlando will resume anyway tomorrow to deepen some specific aspects“, announced Palazzo Chigi, before being denied by the parties on the part concerning the meeting. On the issue of pensions, the well-informed speak of a real”arm wrestling“between the parties, so far apart that at the moment it is not possible to outline a meeting point. Those present at the meeting say that Draghi appeared”irritated“from the firm line of the unions.

On pensions there is not even a choice: neither 102 nor 104 there is only the choice of allocating 600 million for the extension of the Woman Option and the social Ape. Nor are there any answers to those who have paid for 41 years i contributions regardless of age there are no answers on the necessary overall reforms“, said the Uil leader, Pierpaolo Bombardieri.


Draghi leaves firefight unions

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