“Region speak with the Municipality and the Municipalities”

Where will the future houses of the community arise, that is the places where general practitioners and specialist doctors will share work spaces and clinics to enhance the so-called “territorial medicine”? Lombardy is already studying a path to choose the places for future structures, one for every 50,000 inhabitants. But the Municipality of Milan wants to have its say. “I think it is important to check if the places proposed, and in part already written in black and white, are the ones most suitable for the city”, commented Lamberto Bertolé, councilor for health and social policies of the Municipality of Milan, speaking with the Dire agency : “The city must present what the needs of the territory are”.

Bertolé has already announced that he wants to meet with the nine municipal presidents and their delegates to share a starting proposal. Among the priorities in the choice of places, the proximity to the metro stations and the ease of reaching them by public transport. The spaces identified so far as possible candidates by Ats and the Region are the clinic in via Rugabella, the municipal market of Gorla, a space in the Macedonio Melloni hospital and a space in the Golgi Redaelli rehabilitation facility.

“The houses of the community – the commissioner underlined – are not a contingent response, but a long-term one. The lack of general practitioners is instead a contingent question that must be resolved as soon as possible”.

Community houses in Milan according to the Lombardy Region

On 6 September, with a specific resolution, the Lombardy Region established that, following the time schedule of the Pnrr (European funds, Resilience and recovery plan), a “reconnaissance of the sites” suitable for building communities, territorial operations centers and community hospitals. The precise identification of the sites would take place by December 2021, while the agreement with the Government would be signed by March 2022 with a development contract.

The Community Homes will guarantee medical and nursing activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the hub facilities; on 12 hours, 6 days a week in spoke structures. In addition, community hospitals will have 20-40 ‘low intensity’ beds to be managed in conjunction between general practitioners and hospitals.

In community homes and hospitals, prevention, primary care, visits to specialist outpatient clinics (for a few critical issues) and other services integrated with the Municipality (combining the health and social aspects) will be carried out. According to Ats Milano, seven structures can be activated within a year.

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