the eruption of the submarine VOLCANO brings the wrecks of World War II back to the surface. Video «3B Meteo

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GHOSTS OF THE PAST: the tragic e bloody scenery war that ended the 2nd World War brought to light by a volcanic eruption. War in the Pacific theater of confrontation between the American and the Japanese imperial armed forces, responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths reappears as a ghost from the ocean depths because of the progressive lifting of the seabed. The volcano in question “Iwo Jima” is located in the archipelago of Ogasawara, a volcanic arc hundreds of kilometers long, mostly submarine. The eruption started several months ago has raised the seabed day after day to bring to the surface the wrecks of half a dozen American warships sunk by Japanese naval forces. Video incredible

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eruption submarine VOLCANO brings wrecks World War surface Video Meteo

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