What are drones-taxis, the invention that could revolutionize transport in Rome

From tomorrow, at Terminal 3 of Fiumicino, passengers will see the drone-taxi that in 2024 could take them to the center in just ten minutes. It’s not a Philip K. Dick novel: it’s all true. Leonardo Da Vinci airport is already ahead in the race for the mobility of the future. Drone-taxis, electrically-powered aircraft with vertical take-off and landing, could soon crowd the skies of our cities. Meanwhile, the Rome Drone Conference 2021 lands in the capital.

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Just over ten minutes for a journey that today takes forty-five by car. It is not a simple hypothesis or a distant futuristic project. The first drone-taxi could already take off from Fiumicino in 2024. Aeroporti di Roma (Adr) has already taken the initiative with the giant Atlantia: the aircraft called Volocity, designed by the German Volocopter, will be exhibited from tomorrow 27 October at terminal T3 of the Leonardo Da Vinci airport. The air taxi is already among us and, together with the prototype, the first will land in the capital in the coming days summit on these innovative means: Roma Drone Conference 2021.

Electric propulsion and vertical take-off: this is how the transport of the future moves

A large electrically powered drone, with vertical take-off and landing. The Volocity, in its current model, can only accommodate the rider and a passenger. But there are many companies that are developing models capable of embarking up to six people, with or without pilot. And it’s not science fiction. The revolution in the transport of goods and people has already begun: the goal is to make travel faster and more sustainable, especially in densely populated areas. These aircraft are called Evtol, acronym that stands for “Electric vertical take-off and landing”, ie with vertical and electric take-off and landing. Already in the near future, airports and urban centers will equip themselves with special “vertiporti”, where drone-taxis will be able to land and take off. Roma, with its state-of-the-art airport, the most popular in Europe, it already seems to be ahead in the race.

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In Rome the summit to take stock: “Drones-taxis soon in major cities”

But to fix the take-off date there is still no green light from the European authorities in the sector. However, lobbying is already at an advanced stage. At the Rome Drone Conference there will be the biggest ones manufacturing companies. Between Germans, Chinese, Americans and Swedes, the Italian-Swiss Manta Aircraft also appears. The management companies of the airports of Rome and Milan, the National Civil Aviation Authority (Enac), the air traffic management company (Enav), in addition to the Italian Aerospace Research Center (Cira) and the aerospace giant Leonardo. The president of the conference, Luciano Castro placeholder image, he is sure: “A real revolution is approaching in air transport and also in urban mobility, which should see in the near future our skies increasingly crowded with these new eVtol aircraft“He adds:” The first experimental activities are showing that the technology is now ripe to meet this challenge. We will therefore try to take stock of Italy’s role in the Advanced Air Mobility sector, in view of the first operational applications of these drone-taxis in major Italian cities “.

Revolution coming: from Fiumicino to the center of Rome in 15 minutes by drone

Volocity, from the German company Volocopter, will be presented tomorrow 27 October at the airport of Fiumicino, where it will stay exhibited until October 30th. Then, from 2 to 5 November, the drone-taxi will be moved to the central location piazza San Silvestro in Rome. From 2024, the aircraft could carry passengers from the airport to the city center, and vice versa, in just over 10 minutes.

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