Paycheck for teachers: here is the increase that will come

Paycheck for teachers: here is the increase that will come
Paycheck for teachers: here is the increase that will come

The school contract is close to expiration. With the renewal, to date teachers would receive a monthly gross increase of 88 euros. A figure lower than the average for the state.

Precisely for this reason, according to reports from Italia Oggi, the minister of education Patrizio Bianchi hopes to be able to reach 104 euros, so as to smooth out any differences. The request will come in view of the approval of the Budget law from the Council of Ministers which should arrive on Thursday. Ready 230 million euros which should be integrated anyway. An increase necessary for Bianchi above all to calm the clash with the labor unions due to the wage dispute. Initially the request was 110 euros per month, it will hardly be reached that figure but the negotiation is still ongoing. It also expects the go-ahead from the ministry of economy before announcing any move. However, should this go-ahead arrive, Minister Bianchi could respond to the trade unions that that process of equalization with the other public sectors has been initiated and that the debate on schools has returned to the core of the political debate. Also because the renewal of the school contract is only one of the dossiers that will have to be closed on the Budget Law front regarding education. Not only the Minister of the Economy Daniele Franco is watching over in meirto, but also Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

The maneuver will also extend the additional quota of teachers until the end of the lessons, a good result since, to date, fixed-term contracts should have expired at the end of December. Bianchi is also trying to have the extension also for Ata staff.

Recruitment of teachers

In addition, a new recruitment package, also included in the law, seems to be taking shape. The new system provides for a preselective barrage test, ie a closed response test. All those who pass it will be able to carry out an internship with tutors to be done mainly in the classroom.

Furthermore, it is foreseen that in the curriculum of the university studies there are also formative credits in pedagogical subjects. Training must be defined in agreement with the universities. There is also a periodic continuity of the competition tests so as to ensure effective planning not only for retirements but also for the needs of the school. On the other hand, there is no news regarding the entry system in the new recruitment of precarious teachers with more than 36 months of substitute teaching who up to now have not passed the reserved selections.


Paycheck teachers increase

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