Recall needed for J&J: take the second dose

Recall needed for J&J: take the second dose
Recall needed for J&J: take the second dose

When they came on the market, the only data available on Covid vaccines concerned their efficacy against the serious illness because it was impossible to establish the duration of protection. After almost a year, now, we know: the only single-dose vaccine, the Janssen serum from Johnson&Johnson, has a protection that drops quickly after two months. It is therefore necessary that the population vaccinated with J&J take the second booster dose.

Green light from the Ministry

In fact, in a few days a new circular will arrive from the Ministry of Health which will give the immediate green light to the dose of recall for that million and 844 thousand Italians who had received the American single-dose vaccine. As happened after the exclusion of AstraZeneca, you can choose whether to do the heterologous vaccination with one of the two messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) or always continue with J&J. Parallel to the administration of the third dose currently in force for Over 60 and super frail, this other path opens up after the results of the American FDA which note a worrying how fast decline in antibodies after only 60 days from administration.

Who received the J&J vaccine

But which the identikit who wanted the single-dose? In reality there is not, it is a heterogeneous population made up of young and old, women and men, who a few months ago wanted to get immunized immediately without waiting for the usual weeks to get the second dose. With the recall, their green pass will be valid for another 12 months but above all they will receive a new and more effective protection against Covid-19 variants. “For those who have done Johnson & Johnson, a booster will be needed in a very short time: six months after vaccination we will start to proceed, taking into account the age, but probably a third dose will be necessary for everyone.“, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Health just said, Pierpaolo Sileri, guest on the broadcast “The Breakfast Club” on Radio Capital.

Third dose proceeds slowly

In the meantime, however, little comforting news arrives on the third dose for the most fragile population: the latest update a few hours ago underlines that only 24.3% of immunocompromised, cancer patients, transplant recipients and HIV patients and 28.4% of health professionals, guests and care workers received it. Rsa and seniors over 60. The total is just over a million. If it does not accelerate, in January 2022 there is a risk of not being able to expand the audience for booster doses even to the youngest and without pathologies, given that after 6-9 months the antibody effectiveness drops for all vaccines.

“Immediate and shipped”

The general was also disappointed Son, which in recent days has pulled the ears of the Regions on the slow timing of the third dose considering the wide availability of vaccines. The invitation was to proceed “immediately to carry out vaccine boosters in parallel to all the indicated categories, without prejudice to the sole constraint of respecting the time interval of at least 6 months from the completion of the primary vaccination cycle“He echoes him sileri, which establishes what the exact timetable should be in order not to find ourselves with bitter surprises inside the Christmas aloft. “Within the year we will proceed with the third dose for the elderly and healthcare personnel, then from January the rest of the population, staggered according to when the first and second dose was administered “, underlines, hoping that Aifa will accelerate this process because “there’s a boom of infections in some European countries: even if they may seem distant countries, the risk is there for us too, because with the increase in cases, the risk of new variants spreading increases “, conclude.

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