Lombardy, soon to book covid vaccines third dose sixty years

The hypothesis of a second dose of anti-covid vaccine for those who have had Johnson & Johnson is increasingly gaining ground. This is a nationwide decision that is being assessed these days by authorities such as EMA, the European Medicines Agency, and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. The idea is that of a second dose at least two months after the first dose. It would concern almost 294,000 Lombard citizens, two thirds of them women, in most cases between 50 and 59 years old, and categories for which it was considered appropriate to resort to single-dose, such as homeless people and migrants.

The recall would be done with Moderna or Pfizer. Recent studies have revealed that, since Johnson & Johnson is a single-dose, its effectiveness would begin to decline after about two months of vaccination, especially with the Delta variant of the covid virus. Consequently, those who have received this vaccine would need a ‘booster’ dose fairly soon, while the corresponding third dose for Moderna and Pfizer normally occurs at least six months after the second.

Third dose, early booking for the 60-year-olds

And precisely on the ‘booster’ doses in general, Lombardy is preparing to increase the pace, expanding the availability calendar in the hubs. For the moment, health professionals and over 80s can be booked, i.e. those who have had the vaccine for at least six months, as well as immunosuppressed patients, these however after 28 days from the second dose. The Lombardy Region, however, is organizing to quickly open bookings for over 60s. For them the rule will be at least six months from the second dose.


Lombardy book covid vaccines dose sixty years

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