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Moments of concern for the sovereign of England: her conditions make one remain with bated breath. Nobody knows what’s going on

The health conditions of Queen Elizabeth are now a mystery. The details filtering from the Royal House are very few and experts can only guess what is happening. And unfortunately it is not any good. A few days ago the 95-year-old Queen had been admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, officially to carry out “preliminary investigations”. The episode had put worry, but he returned immediately. In fact, at lunchtime on Thursday he had already returned to his house, in a good mood.

Not an easy time for the Queen. In addition to his ailments, lately he has always had to deal with situations that often embarrassed her. Such as the public exits of the Princess Kate when she was photographed during a tennis match in very skimpy clothes. But the Queen is used to this kind of thing. Over the years it is due intervene on many scandals that his royals had caused. From her husband to little Prince Harry, a long sequence of episodes that put the Queen’s diplomacy to the test.

Is the Queen sick? Here’s what happens in these hours

Today, however, the problems he faces are of a completely different nature. It is in fact about his health. Many are concerned about the events of recent times. In addition to hospitalization, there were other signs that something was not right. In fact, the Queen has gone out many times accompanying her stick, which in fact she had only used during the time she had been operated on her hip. Official trip also canceled in Northern Ireland, with the doctors who advise you to rest.

In recent days, however, there is a clue that is even more worrying. The Mail Online has in fact spotted the Prince Andrew and the niece Lady Louise Windsor get to the Queen’s castle. The family therefore seems to have all gathered around his bedside, evidently to be close to her in a really difficult moment. An event that sooner or later would happen, and that perhaps many of his family had already expected for some time.


Queen Elizabeth hospitalization drastic decision sooner happen Democrat

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