you pay even if you don’t drive

The go-ahead was expected from Brussels for a crackdown on the scooters, but it arrived on the Rc for cars and motorcycles. Which will always be paid, even if the means in question are not used, e it cannot be suspended. Instead, the choice on insurance for is left to the individual states bicycles e electric scooters.

RC Auto, you always pay

The insurance will be paid even if the vehicle is not used. Therefore, those who park the car in their own courtyard or garage, on private land or in an indoor shelter will still have to have TPL-Auto insurance. And this regardless of the fact that the vehicle is not put into circulation. Only real ‘scrap’ is excluded, i.e. vehicles without wheels and / or engines, and therefore unable to circulate.

Directive and timing

The European directive on motor liability, which was definitively approved last week by the European Parliament, does not even allow you to suspend a motor liability insurance policy when you are not using the vehicle. As for the coverage obligation for scooters, pedal assisted bicycles and electric micro-mobility vehicles in general, it will only be at the discretion of the individual Member States. In this regard, Italy is taking steps to impose the squeeze also on these vehicles which, in all probability, will also have to be insured.

The new rules, which amend Directive 2009/103, will not go into effect immediately: after formal adoption by the EU Council and publication in the EU Official Journal, the States have two years of time for transposition.

Light hand on electric vehicles

On the other hand, neither electric vehicles that do not fall within the definition of vehicle (scooters, hoverboards, segways, monowheels and the like), nor those that fall within but are not moved exclusively by mechanical force (such as electric bicycles, which basically they move thanks to physical pedaling). All this provided that the maximum speed reached with the electric motor must in any case be contained within 25 km / h.


pay dont drive

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