Draghi “crowns” the young: it is up to you to transform Italy

(Teleborsa) – “In recent months I have been impressed by the idealism and dedication of young people. I am thinking of the young diplomats of Tripoli, of the doctors and nurses of Bergamo, of the sports champions. But also to the many who write to me to tell fears and ambitions. With you I take a job: after years in which Italy has forgotten about you, your aspirations and expectations are at the center of government action “. The Premier said so Mario Draghi today in Bari during the institutional stage al South.

He first visited the headquarters of the Masmec, leading company in the field of precision technologies, robotics and mechatronics, from automotive to biomedical. During the visit to the factory in the industrial area of ​​Modugno, Draghi was accompanied by the mayor of Bari and president Anci, Antonio Decaro, by the president of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano, by the president and the CEO of the company Michele and Daniela Vinci.

Hence, the visit to theIts Cuccovillo, a foundation that collaborates with numerous companies and boasts a 92% placement of students, one year after the end of the two-year courses which can be accessed with a high school diploma.

“Investing in schools is a civil duty and an act of social justice. An educational system that does not work feeds inequalities, hinders mobility and deprives Italy of capable and aware citizens. Not only your future depends on training, but that of all of us. The most prosperous societies are the ones that prepare their young people best to manage change, “he said

“The PNRR focuses on you and your peers, for this reason I have decided to start from here a path that illustrates the PNRR. We invest one and a half billion euros to give further impetus to the reform of the ITS (Higher technical institutes, ed). We intend to train new teachers and improve the laboratories that today use 4.0 technologies “.

As for the resources made available for the South today “They are unprecedented in recent history. We have to spend this money well, honestly and quickly. The responsibility lies with the Government, but also with the Municipalities and other territorial entities. The delays in spending, which for too long have affected the South, they are an obstacle to your freedom and a tax on your future “, he added

Then a message of hope but also of empowerment: “You young people have the task of transforming Italy. Our job is to put you in a position to do it in the best possible way. Yours is to start imagining the country you want to live in. Get ready to build it, with passion, determination and – why not – a pinch of recklessness “.

(Teleborsa) 26-10-2021 13:25

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