Fashion designer found hanged in Milan, after five years her fiancé on trial with an abbreviated procedure

Fashion designer found hanged in Milan, after five years her fiancé on trial with an abbreviated procedure
Fashion designer found hanged in Milan, after five years her fiancé on trial with an abbreviated procedure

After five years of investigation, the trial for Marco Venturi, the 45-year-old accused of killing his girlfriend May 31, 2016, will begin on November 19. Since then, the truth has been sought about what happened that night to the designer Carlotta Benusiglio. The accused chose the shortened procedure to have, in the event of a conviction, a penalty discount of a third.

The doors of the Court will open on November 19 for Marco Venturi, the 45-year-old accused of killing his girlfriend Carlotta Benusiglio the night of 31 May 2016. The start of the trial comes five years after the day when Carlotta, a 37-year-old stylist, was found hanged with a scarf from a tree in the gardens of Piazza Napoli in Milan and after three prosecutors they investigated the facts. Five years in which the investigative lead has been followed by both the suicide than ofhomocide and so the times have lengthened. Venturi has chosen shortened procedure which would guarantee him, in case of conviction, one reduction the penalty of a third party (after the law in force in 2019, the abbreviated judgment is no longer allowed for crimes punishable by life imprisonment, such as aggravated homicide crimes). In the courtroom on November 19 it will be up to the public prosecutor, while on December 14 it will be the turn of the defense.

Marco Venturi’s request for imprisonment had been rejected three times

A first point to the investigation had been put in 2017 when after a few months the prosecutor asked archiving for suicide. “But anyone who had known Carlotta knew that she loved life and would never have committed such a gesture”, he had said right away. Giorgia Benusiglio, Carlotta’s sister. Words that even today he repeated a commenting on the news of the start of the trial. It was also the prosecutor who did not believe the suicide hypothesis Gianfranco Gallo who resumed the investigations: the magistrate had requested the intervention of the Supreme Court challenging the decision of the Court that had expressed itself on October 16, 2020, believing not to imprison Venturi because until now the elements in the hands of the investigators suggest that “is treated as suicide”. Even the Supreme Court had reiterated that the man lacked serious evidence of guilt. The request for arrest in these five years has been rejected three times: Marco Venturi has therefore always been investigated on the loose.

Carlotta victim of mistreatment by her boyfriend

The file then passed into the hands of the prosecutor Francesca Crupi that after the closure of the investigation asked for Marco Venturi to be indicted for murder. According to the accusation, the man allegedly killed Carlotta “for futile reasons, with willful impetus, by wrapping a scarf or his arm around her neck”. For both prosecutor Gallo and prosecutor Cruspi the murder would have been the last chapter in a series of persecutory acts started in September 2014 and ended in the tragedy of May 2016: “Venturi – according to what could read from the cards – harassed the ex with phone calls and telephone messages even at night. to meet her and spy on her movements, even at night; he attacked her both verbally and physically and threatened her “. The ex-boyfriend had even gone so far as to provoke a head trauma in January 2015: after yet another quarrel Venturi allegedly dragged Carlotta out of the car grabbing her by the hair, kicking her and causing a head injury and injuries to her left eardrum. The violence then continued the following day. And again: a Easter of the 2016 he had harassed the ex by threatening a friend of the woman to “send a friend downstairs to break his bones.” Venturi asked, then confirmed by the judge, for the shortened procedure last July, on the same day that the request of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office for a new report on the causes of Carlotta’s death was rejected.

Carlotta’s sister: He had denounced Marco three times

All ill-treatment confirmed to also by his sister Giorgia: “Carlotta had reported three times for violence Marco. And it had ended up in the hospital several times. I had fear, we family members also had it. Everything is documented in the Photo that Carlotta shot herself after being mistreated and that she kept in a file on her computer. “This is why the family never believed in the hypothesis of suicide. This is why when they discovered that the request for the shortened procedure was accepted, it was yet another hard blow: “We were hoping not in the penalty discount. But now it is necessary to give again dignity to my sister. And this will be possible with a conviction “, Giorgia folds. She then adds:” In these five years we have not been able to do anything but wait for the justice take its course. We cannot forget that my sister had already denounced him three times: denouncing is important because it is as if now those complaints were her voice in court. “Finally she concludes:” My sister loved life. So no, she didn’t commit suicide. “

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