Santopadre, tobacconist surprises the thieves and shoots: the reconstruction


Is called Sandro Fiorelli the 59-year-old tobacconist who, after lowering the shutters of his business in Piazza Marconi in Santopadre (Frosinone), headed home in the company of his son on the evening of Monday 25 October. As soon as they returned to the villa, not far from the town center, the two would have noticed the presence of strangers in the house.

At that point the man would have taken the shotgun, legally detained, to defend themselves from thieves, four individuals of Romanian nationality. While they were taking to the bush, one of them, once they reached the path leading to the entrance of the house, would have pointed pistol towards the landlord.

That instinctively and for legitimate defence, as he told investigators, he opened fire. The blow wounded the thug in the side, killing him. The rescue operations were of no use: when the doctors arrived, they could not help but detect the death.

“I realized there was someone upstairs, so I took the shotgun because I’m scared. I left the house and while I was walking around the house a man stood in front of me. He was holding a gun, pointed it at me and at that point I shot ”, he told the Carabinieri, as reported by Corriere della Sera.

The victim would be Mirel Joacā-Bine, 34 and not 39 as previously reported. He would be originally from Brasov, Romania. His gun was found not far from the body, confirming the tobacconist’s version.

His three accomplices, after having gone away, would have tried a rapprochement, perhaps to retrieve it and try to save it. At that point Sandro Fiorelli would have exploded others warning shots in aria.

The investigations, coordinated by the Cassino Public Prosecutor’s Office, are now proceeding with theidentification of other thieves, with the videos of the surveillance cameras of the country, and with the reconstruction of what happened, in order to define the location of the 59-year-old from Frosinone.

On social media, the tobacconist is receiving in these hours solidarity unanimous, also due to previous thefts that occurred in other houses in the area and throughout the province.

Virgil News | 26-10-2021 09:41

Viminal Dossier 2021: how many and what are the crimes committed

Photo source: ANSA

Viminal Dossier 2021: how many and what are the crimes committed

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