Fire at the galvanic, the statements of the mayor Ghinelli

The people of Arezzo are asking themselves many questions following the fire that broke out yesterday in the early afternoon at Galvanica Formelli. The thick blanket of black smoke has been spotted from every corner of the city and from some towns in the province. For the type of processing present within the company, the first thought went to the risk of pollution, especially after the news was confirmed that all the workers and owners of the company were out of danger.

In the early hours, while the firefighters were still busy putting out the fire, the first recommendations came from the Municipality. Initially the administration advised that “Pending further verifications and indications from ASL and Arpat, the recommendations to follow for those who live near the fire and in the area south of via Chiari are: close the windows and limit outdoor activities, collect the laundry, wash the bowls of the animals. “

This was followed by: “From Arpat comes the indication for those who live in the area immediately downstream, in particular in Ponte a Chiani, not to consume the water from the wells and not to draw it from the Chiana canal. to the areas between Battifolle and Indicatore the previous recommendations to keep the windows closed, to avoid outdoor activities and not to consume fruit and vegetables from the gardens. “

This morning Asl, Arpat and administration are working to deepen the environmental investigations and proceed. Above all, the waters seem to end up in the viewfinder. The wells to be analyzed will be identified and the owners will be notified.

“The risk of atmospheric pollution has diluted and is almost over, but that of water remains” explains the mayor of Arezzo Alessandro Ghinelli, the city’s highest health authority. The situation is in progress, but the first precautions have been taken since the moments of the emergency. A private company was called in to stem the spillage. “Tonight two containment dams were built, the first to break the flow of sewage from the sewer which then goes towards the Chiana and which certainly contained cyanide. the canal and were then directed towards a reservoir.The same thing for the water still present in the square in front of where the fire in via Grandi developed.

In these hours, the environmental office of the Municipality of Arezzo and the ARPAT must identify the wells in which to make withdrawals and establish if there is contamination and in what quantity. “The most important recommendation remains that of not using the waters of the Chiana because in the immediacy of the fire the flow initially dispersed into the canal through the sewer system and among the substances there was certainly cyanide.”

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Fire galvanic statements mayor Ghinelli

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