Sven Augusti, the naked water polo player on the street in Rome who caused an accident

Naked in the street in via del Foro Italico, he caused a road accident and attacked the carabinieri. The protagonist of the unusual evening was Sven Augusti, water polo player and young star of the SS Lazio Nuoto, then blocked not without difficulty by the Arma soldiers and denounced for resistance and injuries to a public official.

The facts around 9:30 pm on Monday 25 October when dozens of reports began to arrive at 112 indicating a man walking naked in the street in North Rome. An unusual scene that, in addition to arousing curiosity among passers-by, also caused an accident with a Smart which, according to what was later reported by the two people who were on board the city car, ended up off the road and overturned in order to avoid running over what it was. it is then revealed to be the 22-year-old Croatian, rising star of Lazio waterpolo.

A road accident in which the Smart ended its run overturned and then hit a second identical car. The drivers of the two city cars, both 23 and 22 years old from Rome, entrusted to the care of the 118 staff and transported by ambulances in red code to the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital, the first and to the Villa San Pietro hospital in green code, have the worst. The second one. On the spot to reconstruct the dynamics of the accident, the agents of the XV Cassia Group of the local police of Roma Capitale.

The carabinieri of the Roma Trionfale station intervened on the spot and reached the naked man in the street who, however, continued his walk, pushing one of the soldiers, then forced to medical treatment due to the fall caused by the push of the Croatian athlete, almost two tall. meters for over 100 kilos of weight.

In a state of psychophysical alteration, the Biancoceleste waterpolo star was then stopped once other police patrols arrived. Apologized for the attack, Sven Augisti was then entrusted to the care of the 118 who transported him to the Policlinico Umberto I for observation where he was referred to the Judicial Authority.

Who is Sven Augusti

Hired by SS Lazio Nuoto in August this year, 22-year-old Sven Augusti Santini was the first foreigner chosen by the Biancoceleste club for the 2021/2022 season. Croatian from Rijeka, in the last Croatian championship he showed himself by scoring 37 goals and establishing himself as one of the greatest talents of water polo in the Balkan country.

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