Gf Vip 6, Soleil Sorge reveals why it has nominated the princesses Selassiè

The nomination of Soleil Sorge addressed to the three Ethiopian princesses Lulù, Jessica and Clarissa Selassié sparked great discussion last night. In particular, the latter would have been particularly bad for what happened, which is why, a moment after the broadcast (as reported by the colleagues of, she vented to Sophie Codegoni.

We don’t want to go out now because outside we have to deal with bad things. This is why we want to stay here again. Our father is in prison and there are other things that are not beautiful. I’m honest, I didn’t take it well and I thought he would name another person. I was pretty sure he would vote for Francesca. The two of them don’t have much relationship, quite the contrary. In the past Francy has often criticized her. Why if you never talk to one then don’t you vote for her?

He said he voted us almost to spur us on, but what’s the point? He could really have named Francy or Ainett. Or even Jo, there’s not much attached to her. Because she and I only discussed it once and then we made peace. When she was discussing with Raffa we didn’t go against the Sun. Everyone makes the nominations as if he feels them, but I was disappointed with his choice. I was expecting the other nominations we got, but not his. Also because I believe that when we get nominated we could get out. Okay, it will happen, but hopefully not now.

The well-known portal then added:

In the middle of the night Soleil Sorge confessed in Manila that he had implemented a strategy with the Selassié sisters. According to the influencer, there are two princesses who are not very sincere towards him and with the nomination he wanted to test them: “I have to be honest and I would pay them back. I am happy to have mentioned them, I am sincere. Not just for stimulus. Strategically, I noticed some things in terms of vibrations. Indeed, two of them. I stank of weird vibes. I wanted to test them. Now we will see what they will do. Now that I have mentioned them, I want to see how they will behave towards me. I want to see if they are false or not. They don’t tell me right“.

In short, Soleil continues to remain among the absolute protagonists of the dynamics of Gf Vip 6.


Vip Soleil Sorge reveals nominated princesses Selassiè

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