“She complained and then collapsed”: what happened after the shot of Alec Baldwin

“She complained and then collapsed”: what happened after the shot of Alec Baldwin
“She complained and then collapsed”: what happened after the shot of Alec Baldwin

Police investigations continue to understand the dynamics of the murder that occurred during the set of Rust, a film with Alec Baldwin. And it was the actor who fired the fatal shot that killed the young director of photography, Halyna Hutchins, and injured the director of the film, Joel Souza. The man has already been discharged from the hospital, the bullet hit him in the collarbone and fortunately he did not suffer serious consequences. Also for this reason he has already been able to speak with the investigators to tell the dynamics of the facts from his point of view, to try to give an explanation to a similar tragedy. The director of photography, on the other hand, was hit by the bullet in the chest.

According to the director, who was behind a monitor with Halyna Hutchins at the time of the shot, Alec Baldwin was rehearsing a scene and practicing getting the revolver out of the holster. In doing so, the actor pointed the gun at the camera. So we read in the documents cited by the BBC, which refer to what was declared by Joel Souza and the camera operator Reid Russell. Both, however, told authorities that Alec Baldwin had been told the prop pistol was unloaded.

Joel Souza, probably still in shock, has no clear memories of those moments. In the documents we read that the director recalls that Halyna Hutchins “she complained of pain in her stomach and chest“, so “began barcollare backwards, she collapsed and was rescued on the ground“Russell, who was standing next to Hutchins at the time, told investigators he couldn’t feel her legs.

Alec Baldwin’s position is now under investigation and the plaintiff may also be notified of an official allegation of manslaughter, above all because he not only plays the starring role of the film but also that of producer. Allegations of negligence came to Baldwin from America but the cameraman, according to what he was able to see during the filming, speaking with the investigators stated that the actor was very attentive, citing as an example an episode on the set in which the star he made sure a child actor wasn’t near him when a gun was unloaded.

The picture on the dynamics is getting clearer as the days go by and then it will be up to the authorities to formulate the charges and identify any responsible of an avoidable tragedy.


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