This is Rome

Rome is alive. Long live Rome. We confess. We had approached the exam Naples with the fear, after the Norwegian Caporetto, of facing a new, ugly figure, with all the consequences of the case that are not so difficult to imagine for those who have a certain practice in these latitudes. We feared a bad figure also because, last Thursday, while licking our wounds for the six baby food collected at the polar circle, we happened to also see the Europa League match of the team of Spalletti against Legia Warsaw. Osimhen and his companions had made a very bad impression on us. In the sense that Napoli seemed to us a team that at the moment is among the best in circulation. In Italy, indeed, it is the best. In short, adding things up, it was more than legitimate to worry. And then in the classic attempt that tries to put any fan on their feet to try to see the glass half full, we were attached to more than one element that made us hope to be able to see a Roma alive, true, ready to give everything on the pitch. It would have been enough, beyond the result.

Our hope was based, meanwhile, on the fact thatOlimpico against the leaders he would have played Roma owner who, do not be offended by anyone, is a little more credible than that of the reserves that a Bodo showed that nothing under the dress. Then on the plate, we had put on the scales the fact of the desire for reaction of a group that came out of the race in pieces Conference League, questioned from first to last, starting with the coach. And then, last but not least, we were betting on Olympic factor, fifty thousand fans, tickets all sold, the confirmed enthusiasm of a supporter who knows how to drag like no other.
Here, all this occurred last night at the Olimpico. In a challenge played at levels of intensity not frequent in our football. Resulting in a draw (the first of the mourinhana season) which, from our point of view, is worth something more. For how it matured (the Naples he had more possession and took a palo, Roma more occasions, at least two resounding with Abraham e Mancini) and, above all, because it allows the whole Giallorossi environment to return to look towards the future with a pinch of optimism. Even knowing that the rose is short (Mourinho has already announced that the same eleven owners will play in Cagliari last night) and with this we will have to arrive in January which is not so far away, but which instead seems light years away to our eyes.

The Roma owner is something else entirely. In the technical qualities and in the spirit. Take Abraham, for instance. The Englishman has been struggling with an ankle problem since returning from the national team. Problem that came back last night as well. But Tammy ours gritted her teeth, fought, suffered until she made it, pointing the way to her comrades. Who followed him, also carried away by an audience of open stage applause and who for the umpteenth time wanted to demonstrate what it means love Rome. The team followed them. Putting the leg when it was time to put the leg. Never looking down. Trying until the last second to find that goal that would have made the evening even more smiling. By proving to respect that shirt, those colors, those fans. Following the directives of a Mourinho back to do it Special One, complete with a double yellow and then red card. But we believe that the Portuguese coach doesn’t care much about that expulsion. What he was interested in was finding his Roma, in the spirit and, a little, also in the game. With an idea of ​​the game that was clear from the very first minutes of the match. Come on Naples, I try to steal the ball, when I can verticalize in a moment and aim the door. Thus was born the sensational scoring opportunity in the first half of Abraham (who also suffered a foul and who, moreover, at that moment was one step away from being replaced because his ankle had returned to being felt, instead he gritted his teeth, remained on the field never giving up, demonstrating what any coach wants see by one of its players).

Here, after i ninety (plus recovery) minutes against Napoli, it can be said that this is Rome. With its limitations (especially the short squad, even last night Mourinho has only made two changes), but also its qualities. Those of a team that needs time, but that when it takes the field can put on the plate qualities that can allow it to play against everyone. As it happened in the derby and we know what happened. As happened in Turin against Juventus and we know of Orsato’s boos. As it happened last night. And now keep it up. Then in January …

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