Zan against Salvini and Meloni for not attacking Letta

Zan against Salvini and Meloni for not attacking Letta
Zan against Salvini and Meloni for not attacking Letta

The Italian left also manages to wrap itself up on the ddl Zan, considered the main workhorse for fighting homotransphobia. For the Red Front, however, there is a problem: it was not only the center-right that raised criticism and perplexity, but also the LGBT world, the feminist galaxy and the Vatican. A series of grumbles that prompted Enrico Letta to open up to possible changes compared to the original text. Precisely on this front emerge all the contradictions that reveal a confusing state with which the bill risks ending up on a dead end.

Zan on the attack, but Letta …

Obviously, frontal attacks towards the center-right cannot be missing, which has always not hidden question marks on the bill. Today Alessandro Zan he will start listening to the group leaders of the various parties to try to find a point of common agreement, but he has already warned his opponents: “No downward brokerage. The law must not be upset“. And if on the one hand there is the openness to re-evaluate education in schools, on the other there is a clear” no “to the possibility of renouncing gender identity. A position that is unlikely to obtain a favorable opinion of the center-right.

The first obstacle will have to be overcome in the Senate on Wednesday, when the Chamber will be called to express itself on the two requests of Lega and Fratelli d’Italia not to face the examination of the articles. A move that according to Zan hides the attempt to “kill the law“. That’s why the deputy of the Democratic Party is angry with Matteo Salvini e Giorgia Meloni, accused of not wanting “discuss the law but bury it“.

The short circuit of the left

Evidently Zan has already forgotten that it was the secretary of his party who opened the dialogue for possible improvements, Enrico Letta. The number one of the Democratic Party in the past few hours had anticipated the intention of making a sort of exploration with the other political forces “to try to understand the conditions that can lead to a rapid approval of the text“. Thus putting the current text into question.

Letta’s words found the wall of the LGBT world. To express irritation and to ask for clarity in a very short time was Gabriele Piazzoni: the general secretary of Arcigay he pointed out that even a single change could send the text back to the House with all the uncertainties of the case. Consequently, the terms could be further delayed. That’s why there are those who look suspiciously at Letta’s move.

While Zan prefers to take it out on Salvini and Meloni (who lawfully do the work of opposition with respect to a bill they do not share), Arcigay points the finger at the secretary of the Democratic Party. “Then the question arises: what are the political forces with which Deputy Zan is sent to negotiate? Does Letta intend to have Salvini write the law against hate crimes?“, Piazzoni asked himself. A plastic representation of the short circuit of the Italian left.

What happens in the Senate

In these very hot hours, complete with feverish negotiations, we are trying to reach a compromise in order to count on a large majority. But the game is difficult: it will not be a walk in the park to combine the radical pillars of the bill with the requests for changes by the center-right. Wednesday the Senate will vote on the proposal not to proceed with the examination of the articles: a possible secret ballot with unpredictable results. There are two ways: to bring the Zan bill to death or to put it on the train that leads to approval.


Zan Salvini Meloni attacking Letta

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