Juvemania: Inzaghi no excuses, the penalty was clear. Inter didn’t win despite Allegri’s mistakes | First page

Juvemania: Inzaghi no excuses, the penalty was clear. Inter didn’t win despite Allegri’s mistakes | First page
Juvemania: Inzaghi no excuses, the penalty was clear. Inter didn’t win despite Allegri’s mistakes | First page

Wasted opportunity

Juventus threw away the great opportunity to grab Inter in the standings and at the same time recover points over Napoli, Roma and Atalanta, renouncing from the beginning to dare an offensive match.
Over an hour of play thrown away for Allegri’s initial training choices which, seen from the outside, are hard to understand.
The entries of Chiesa and Dybala have in fact clearly changed the game demonstrating, once again if ever there was a need, that the Juventus team absolutely cannot do without its two strongest and most decisive attacking players.

First time subdued

First half absolutely subdued by the Old Lady, often in confusion as evidenced also on the occasion of the goal of Dzeko’s Inter advantage where Bernardeschi’s delayed change cost Juventus very dearly.
Inter, for its part, while not playing a sensational match, had the game in hand at least until Dumfries’ unfortunate defensive intervention in the final which resulted in the penalty that Dybala then transformed with great class and tranquility.
Especially during the first portion of the game, however, the team of Simone Inzaghi seemed, for large parts, to be the absolute master of the playing field.

Courage is needed

In the second half, however, after the entries on the field highlighted above, the balance of the challenge was rebalanced even if the dominance of the Juventus game did not lead to great scoring opportunities, as it was legitimate to expect.
There is clearly still something missing from Allegri’s team to be able to aspire to prestigious positions in the tournament. The Juventus team creates far too little and scores with an average goal almost from a mid-table formation, despite the technical park available. Sign of a team choral game that continues to hiding.
The full recovery of Dybala will certainly serve to fill this gap (at least to a large extent) as in the future we expect to no longer see outside the Church in matches of this level to make room for tactical solutions of cover, as on the occasion the choice of prefer Kulusevski to keep Brozovic blocked …
The draw of pride obtained by Juventus in the Cesarini area prevents Allegri’s team from being cut off from the Scudetto speech as early as October but if you want to try the miracle of recovering the gap with Milan and Naples, a greater dose of courage will be needed in the future.
Now that the defensive solidity has been re-established, it is not possible to continue to set up the races to always win them by 1 to 0 because then a negative episode is enough, as in the circumstance Bernardeschi’s injury and the slowness in making the change, to waste what well done.

Net penalty to the VAR

Last consideration of the day for the application of the VAR on the occasion of the obvious foul by Dumfries on Alex Sandro.
We honestly do not understand the protests of the Nerazzurri coach and of all the Inter players because the images speak very clearly.
Even if the referee was very close to the action, his mistake of not whistling the penalty immediately appears very clear from the replays used by the VAR.
So what should Mariani have done once he was called back by his assistants? Confirm a glaring oversight? Isn’t it precisely to avoid such obvious mistakes that this tool was born?
If Inter did not win, they must exclusively blame themselves, because Inzaghi, despite Allegri’s initial mistakes, was unable to close the game in his favor in the 65 ‘dominance of the game, allowing Juventus, once they have entered those players who would have had to play from the start, to restore the balance of the challenge.
Let the one who is the cause of his illness cry himself.

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