Edo Bricchetti presents the book The Navigli of Milan, a pictorial journey

Milano – Friday 29 October 2021 at 17.00 al Martinitt and Stelline Museum of Milan is scheduled a meeting with Edo Bricchetti, author of the book The Navigli of Milan, a pictorial journey. With projection of images and reading by the volunteers of the Milan Pact for Reading.

Milano – Carlo Cattaneo argued that for 9/10 the Po Valley is the work of man, who also knew how to connect the Ticino and Adda rivers to Milan, making it a city ​​of water. The Lombard Hydraulic School has taught the world how to draw artificial canals from natural watercourses, electing them as the foundation of the economic fortune of the Lombardy region. A lattice still existing today of 140 kilometers, between waterways, ravines and fountains. Where these works no longer exist, as in the case of the Milanese inner circle, there remain the memories of a fantastic era portrayed by legions of painters. And through theirs artistic representations and personal interpretations it is still possible today to imagine a different way of life, perhaps more elementary, but also, perhaps, more on a human scale.

Milano – The meeting is a free admission upon reservation compulsory and with Green Pass. For info 02 43006522.

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