TIM Magnifica, 10 Gigabit per second fiber starts from 11 cities: what they are and price

After successfully experimenting with 25 Gbps fiber optics in Turin, TIM launches the commercial offer on that a 10 Gbps with “Magnificent”. The new solution includes ultra-broadband fiber optic links FTTH, on the network XGS-PON, multiplying by 10 times the speed allowed by TIM’s current GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) network.

Magnifica provides a connection with speed fino a 10 Gbps in download e 2 Gbps in upload. TIM provides a modem with eight integrated antennas for the best signal reception in every corner of the house and the TIM TS + solution with certified and optimized Wi-Fi 6 and Safe Web Plus (parental control and safe navigation), also for the family’s smartphones.

The Magnifica offer is available in this one first phase in experimentation in the cities of Milan, Turin, Trento, Trieste, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Cagliari, Taranto and Brindisi. TIM however underlines that the offer arrives “exclusively in the areas covered by XGS-PON exchanges. The offer is it can only be activated on new systems and may be subject to technical speed and geographical limitations. The testing phase will end for all customers on February 27, 2022 “.

Magnifica also provides dedicated assistance with priority access to Customer Service 187 and TIM stores. The “TIM Prima Classe” assistance provides priority access to the 187 Service from 08:00 to 20:00 and, by appointment, at TIM stores. Furthermore, with TIM Quality Care, in the event of any dissatisfaction with the assistance received, the customer can request a bonus on the bill.

The price? € 49.90 / month with free activation, but calls are charged: 19 euro cents per minute to national fixed and mobile numbers to which the same amount must be added for the connection fee. Within the approximately 50 euros, TIM provides a SIM and a mobile modem to be used in case there is a fault on the fixed line.

In addition to Magnifica, TIM also introduced the new profiles Executive (up to 2.5 Gbps at € 34.90 / month) e Premium (up to 1 Gbps at € 29.90 / month) that complete the offer. All the details on TIM connectivity offers can be found at this address.

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