Covid Lazio, 25 October 2021: 386 new cases (145 in Rome city), 5 deaths

Covid Lazio, 25 October 2021: 386 new cases (145 in Rome city), 5 deaths
Covid Lazio, 25 October 2021: 386 new cases (145 in Rome city), 5 deaths

Rome, 25 October 2021 – Numbers are down, but the region with 386 (-73) is the second in number of infections behind Sicily (+443), followed by Emilia Romagna (+362) and Campania (+253). There are therefore 386 new positive cases in Lazio on 7,787 molecular swabs and 7,815 antigenic swabs for a total of 15,602 swabs performed. The ratio of positives to swabs is 2.4%. 145 of the new infections were registered in Rome. The regional councilor for health explains, Alessio D’Amato, entering into the details of the numbers of the daily bulletin on the progress of Coronavirus infections. I am 5 deaths (+2), 358 hospitalized (+23), 49 intensive care (-1) and 359 recovered. There are 8,906 people currently positive to Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 8,499 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 374,297 people have been cured e the dead 8,760, out of a total of 391,963 cases examined. Covid Lazio, 24 October 2021, 459 infected, the ratio between positives and swabs rises to 1.7%

The detail of the infections in the ASL and in the provinces

In detail, icasi and deaths in the ASL of Lazio in the last 24 hours: in Als Roma 1 there are 38 new cases and 2 deaths; Rome 2, there are 75 new cases and 2 deaths; Rome 3, 32 new cases, Rome 4: 12 new cases, Rome 5: 78 new cases and 1 death; Rome 6 is the most affected area: there are 81 new cases. In the provinces there are a total of 70 new cases, distributed as follows: 29 in Latina, 12 in Frosinone, 19 in Viterbo and 10 in Rieti

School, Tar: New ok from the guides on the exhibition of the school personal green pass

New ordinance e new ok by the Lazio TAR to the provisions with which the obligation to exhibit the ‘Green Covid 19 Certification’ was established by the school staff, and sanctioned the control procedures and the consequences for non-compliance. The TAR held that: “the provisions contained in the contested circular find their referent in the upstream legislative ones, on which theConstitutional legitimacy does not seem to the state to be able to doubt; does not recognize any violation of art. 41 of the Constitution (which establishes the freedom of economic initiative. Ed.) given that the request to obtain and exhibit the green certification for access to schools does not conflict with the constitutional principles intended to safeguard the economic initiative of individuals; not even the feared violation of art. 32 of the Constitution (which protects the health of the person. Ed.) seems recognizable in the present case, considering that to obtain the document in question it is not necessary to undergo the vaccine, given the possibility, alternatively, to demonstrate that they have tested negative for a swab or to have been cured of Covid-19 infection for no more than six months “. In addition, according to the judges, “no conflict seems to be found between the national and European legislation with which the green pass was established, given that this measure falls within the scope of arrangements, agreed and defined at the community level and therefore not eludable. , also for what concerns their temporal validity, which they aim at preserve public health in a supranational context“. The TAR of Lazio had already rejected the appeal presented by some teachers, with an order that declared legitimate the provisions with which it was established that school staff without a Green pass are not due wages, other fees or emoluments.

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