Bmw Italia, commitment to achieve sustainable mobility – Eco Mobility

Bmw Italia, commitment to achieve sustainable mobility – Eco Mobility
Bmw Italia, commitment to achieve sustainable mobility – Eco Mobility

As part of the second edition of the ElectrifYou roadshow, which touches five cities (Bari, Turin, Parma, Rome and Milan) with the aim of promoting the BMW Group’s idea of ​​sustainable mobility, it was organized in Milan, in the prestigious headquarters of the Foundation Feltrinelli, a round table entitled ‘Innovating individual mobility to accelerate the ecological transition of cities’ created with the collaboration of The European House – Ambrosetti, which also produced a specific position paper.
The goal of this and other initiatives is to achieve a better understanding of stakeholder positions and, in turn, provide them with a greater insight into the BMW Group’s activities. In pursuing this goal, the BMW Group does not shy away from critical confrontation and debate, but strives to find solutions through constructive dialogue with stakeholders in the best interest of all interested parties. As Massimiliano Di Silvestre, president and CEO of Bmw Italia pointed out, BMW Group believes that climate protection and individual mobility are not in contradiction. To achieve the set goals, it uses new technologies, innovations and cutting-edge vehicles to meet society’s demands for greater sustainability, without depriving people of their mobility, rather offering them new environmentally friendly solutions. BMW Group was the first manufacturer to declare the goal of limiting the rise in global warming to 1.5 degrees, in full compliance with the Paris climate agreement. Three key numbers for the 2030 deadline: 80-50-20. These are the percentages of CO2 emissions reduction (compared to 2019) in the production phase, in the use phase of the car and in the supply chain.
Electric mobility is one of the key themes of the future when it comes to making road travel more sustainable and able to ensure a more enjoyable travel experience.
In recent years, the BMW Group has significantly expanded its range of electrified vehicles and related services. The company therefore stands as one of the leading premium electric mobility providers, considering the sales made between 2013 and 2020 and in light of the holistic approach it is adopting.
The electrified vehicles of the BMW Group combine the advantages of sustainable mobility with the typical dynamic driving behavior of the Group’s brands. Fully electric battery powered (BEV) models generate no local emissions and can significantly reduce traffic noise levels in cities. By 2023, electrification will involve almost the entire product range of the BMW Group: there will be 25 electrified models, 13 of which are fully electric in the range.
In the period up to 2025, the BMW Group wants to increase sales of fully electric vehicles by an average of more than 50% per year, then delivering approximately ten million fully electric vehicles to customers over the next decade. In parallel with the transition to electric propulsion, BMW Italia wants to contribute to the decarbonisation of the country also by offering cars with traditional engines equipped with the most modern and efficient Euro 6 technology, which represent a perfect proposal for the replacement of Euro 0, 1 cars. , 2 and 3 which contribute to positioning Italy today among the countries with the oldest and most polluting fleet in Europe.
“BMW Italia is confident that the PNRR presented by the government – said Di Silvestre – will be rapidly implemented in order to favor the creation of charging infrastructures both on the motorway and urban networks throughout the country. By the Italian branch of the Monaco company. there is a clear desire to intensify efforts also to improve the charging infrastructure both in its own offices and in close collaboration with its commercial partners “.
In line with this approach, BMW AG has installed more than 15,000 charging points worldwide, including more than 4,350 charging points at its locations, all powered exclusively by green electricity. In Italy, by the end of 2021, all BMW Group dealerships will add new fast charging points to the current supply of columns.
The new BMW eDrive Zones digital technology for electric driving is also very useful for decarbonisation and improving the quality of life in urban areas. Based on geofencing, it offers new options to make the most of the capabilities of BMW plug-in hybrid models for emission-free driving in city traffic. As soon as the vehicle enters a designated area (for example, ZTL or low emission zones) the BMW eDrive Zones system activates the automatic switch to electric mode. EDrive Zones technology has been available in many of BMW’s plug-in hybrid models and in over 80 cities in Europe, including Milan, Rome and Turin since July this year.

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