Covid, contagions on the rise but Italy remains the most virtuous country in Europe after Spain

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Even if in the last week the coronavirus numbers have marked a worsening in terms of infections, hospitalizations and deaths, the Italian situation remains under control at the moment if you look at the trend of its European neighbors. It is the combined effect of a high population vaccination rate and containment measures (starting with the green pass) applied with greater rigor than abroad.


The curves are made starting from the day in which the hundredth case was registered. In the menu you can select the number of countries to view, linear or logarithmic scale, infections or deaths


Result: in Europe only Spain recorded a lower number of new infections per day in the last week (seven-day moving average per million inhabitants) than Italy, 40,79 against 55,10. On the other side of this scale, Great Britain continues to appear with a seven-day value of ben 682 new cases every day. A situation that prompted the British government of Boris Johnson to consider introducing the compulsory double anti-Covid vaccine for all staff of the National Health Service.

The Spanish case

In recent days, the trend of Covid transmission in Spain has been fluctuating but the contagion curve of the last 40 days has seen the Iberian country always below the Italian trend with the lowest values ​​among European countries. In the previous period (until 13 September) the relationship between Spain and Italy was reversed. The percentage of the Spanish population vaccinated with the full cycle is 79.6% (but it is above 88.3% if we refer to people aged 12 or over, i.e. the vaccinable population). In Italy the value is just under 71% (70.8%). The Spanish situation is considered to be of “low risk”, according to the parameters established by the national authorities and in recent weeks the regions have lifted the bulk of the restrictions. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Spain has recorded almost 5 million cases and 87,132 victims.


The spread of coronaviruses in Italy and the rest of Europe. (Source: Johns Hopkins Center for System Science and Engineering)


Portugal, primacy of vaccinated

In Portugal and France the number of infections is higher than in Italy but with values ​​far from those of other countries, above all Great Britain. The two countries have a high percentage of immunized: Portugal has the European status (the fully vaccinated are 86.2% of the population), France is at 67.5%. The seven-day moving average of new cases registered daily is 74.9 for Portugal and 79 for France.

Cases on the rise in Germany

The sharp increase in infections that occurred last week has reopened the debate on anti-Covid measures in Germany. In recent days, Health Minister Jens Spahn had stated that he did not want to extend the pandemic state of emergency which will expire on November 25, but his position has been criticized by various politicians. The seven-day rolling value of new infections in Germany is 160 cases per day. In the country, 65.6% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle.


Covid contagions rise Italy remains virtuous country Europe Spain

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