tussle in the emergency medicine ward

A real attack, the one suffered by doctors and nurses of the Santa Maria di Terni hospital. In the early hours of Sunday afternoon a 49-year-old man, in a state of alteration, was accompanied to the emergency room by police officers. After a few hours of admission, in the emergency medicine ward, he first began to verbally inveigh against the medical staff present. He then moved on to physical aggression, punching and kicking some doctors and nurses. Six of them needed help, with diagnoses involving bruises and injuries that could be healed in a few days. The man also threw a bedside table down a hall. Immediately activated the safety protocol prepared by the hospital for similar cases, also by reporting to the competent authorities, the situation was then brought back to calm.

“Also on this occasion – declares the Health Department returning to the episode – the professionalism of our operators has made it possible to prevent the situation from degenerating. The Company is very attentive to the implementation of the protocols envisaged for such delicate situations, also through training courses for staff which aim at updating the procedures even for extreme cases such as those of physical assaults “.


tussle emergency medicine ward

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