dealing with the basket dropped from the window and the beating of an “infamous”

Spur apartments filled with drugs (with doses in the drawers, in the kitchen as in the bedroom, suitcases, shoe boxes and even a jar of Proraso), but also bags full of “smoke” hidden under the solar panels of the Vaccarella bar in viale Di Vittorio, whose license was revoked this morning, with alleged drug dealers looking out from their windows – as inmates under house arrest – to whom it would have been enough to be called from the street and drop the classic basket to sell, even in full lockdown. From the ordinance that this morning led toarrest of 6 people at the Sperone also emerges a beating against an “infamous”, beaten because he would have revealed to the policemen of the Brancaccio police station one of the points where the drug would have been hidden.

In all, more than 4 kilos of drugs were seized

In the provision of the investigating judge Nicola Aiello, who ordered the prison for Pietro Argeri, Gaetano Ingrassia and Vincenzo Marino and the house arrest for Giacomo Cannizzaro, Sebastiano Chiappara and Lorenzo Testa, reference is made to some searches, which led to the overall discovery of almost 2 kilos and 300 grams of marijuana and over 2 kilos of hashish, and about ten episodes of drug dealing.

The drug hidden under the solar panels | video

The house in alley Caracausi stuffed with marijuana

Two communicating apartments in Vicolo Caracausi would have been a marijuana warehouse. It is here that the policemen have in fact found almost 2 kilos of “grass”, hidden in a suitcase, 12 grams in the bedroom closet, 40 grams in a kitchen drawer, 210 grams, divided into doses and hidden in four bags, in a corner of the dressing room, 4 doses in a dresser drawer and one in a kitchen drawer, on January 8 last year. The search, according to the suspects, would not have happened by chance, but would have been targeted because someone would have revealed the presence of drugs in those two houses.

The “cop” punished with sticks

The “cop”, as the investigators reconstruct, would have been punished with a stick by Nicola Barresi (involved in another line of investigation) and by Ingrassia. The young man’s lip would have been split and he himself would have pointed out Ingrassia among his attackers to the investigators. The investigating judge, however, did not consider the serious indications of guilt for this charge to be sufficient.

“Prison teaches you so many things”

Nicola Barresi was intercepted talking about the opening of a fruit and vegetable shop, but according to the investigators, it would have been a cryptic way of referring to the dealing business: “He says: ‘As soon as he comes out I have to open a fruit shop for him. and vegetables and breaks his horns there ‘, that, Gaetano (Ingrassia, ed), says: ‘Let’s open a nice big one’ “and the interlocutor replied:” But what should open? If I open the fruit and vegetables I open it with Renato not with him! He, on the other hand, now has to stay still, now I have to do my own thing, not his own, so in the end he burst out … Right? Did the bomb go off? Now that the bomb went off, now I have to do my personal and clean thing, not with others. In here, Nicola, prison teaches you so many things, understand? Prison teaches you many, many things! And you know Christians who have cons … no Gaetano or Renato, you know Christians with counter-balls! “.

Largo Giuliana’s apartment full of “smoke”

On February 4 last year, the policemen had instead searched a house in Largo Giuliana, finding a plastic bag on the kitchen table with 513 grams of hashish, but also sling bars, spatulas and knives for packaging the doses, as well as 6,142.30 euros. In that circumstance Davide Anselmo was arrested in the act, but for the Prosecutor that drug would also have been available to other suspects.

“The central shop in a rotisserie” | video

“That one came home to play”

Ingrassia would have had an interest, so much so that on January 28th he called Anselmo to urge him to receive a buyer: “Are you awake? I’ve been calling you for three hours, he even came to play at home, wait a minute now, go, now I’m making him come. ” The next day he asked him: “Do I need to come or not?”. Ingrassia also claimed in another conversation: “Up to this hour, they make me arrested every second” and was suggested to him: “You put yourself more distant”, in the sense – says the police – to hide the drug in one place. further away from his home.

“Throw the blood, you blew me out the window”

The drug found in Largo Giuliana is also attributable to Marino and Chiappara, according to the accusation. On January 31 of last year, Anselmo was calling the intercom at Marino’s home and he was worried because he was convinced they were the carabinieri and said to him: “Hey, fuckin ‘head, are you playing?” and Anselmo: “I’ve been knocking for half an hour, half an hour!”, Marino replied: “But go and throw the blood, you made me jump out of the window, go and throw the blood from the heart”. Chiappara would have had the keys to that apartment, so much so that Anselmo asked him: “Do you have the keys, the ones with the Signuri?” and he replied: “Yes, why do you have the keys?”.

“They brought Giacomino, but I got away with it”

On February 19, 2020, Cannizzaro was arrested in the act, found with 4 pieces of smoke of 2.08 grams and 132.50 euros. Marino commented on the affair with his mother: “But, they took to Giacomino, they got him the things of … no, I got away with it”. Then he informed Ingrassia: “There is a problem, come here … The sooner or later, his team, I know them, I had them under my eye, come down there is a problem”.

“Are you wearing hashish?”

In two other interceptions, we openly talk about drugs and proceeds: “Do you have hashish on you?” always 80 euros of sgamo? Here, smoke “.

The roof of the Vaccarella bar, the cast iron cockpit and the Proraso jar

Under the solar panels of the bar in Viale Di Vittorio, on March 17 last year, the policemen had found 10 sticks of hashish (for a total weight of one kilo and 46 grams), 200 doses of smoke (70 grams in all) , and then 300 doses (212 grams) in a cast iron well in the floor of the pedestrian crossing near the same bar, 20 grams in a shoe box and 25 in a jar of Proraso, hidden at the side of the Vaccarella bar. To frame the suspects are the images taken by some cameras that would have filmed Cannizzaro while he would have taken the drug on the roof, for example.

I sell it with the basket

Argeri, already detained under house arrest, was filmed on March 14, 2020 while he was leaning out of the window of his home and talking to two people in the street. At that point, while Cannizzaro would have gone up to the roof of the bar to get two bags, Argeri would have then lowered a basket to his customers. The same thing would have happened on March 17, but in that case the police had intervened, who had then discovered all the hashish hidden under the roof and next to the Vaccarella bar.

“He will never recover”

The mother and his wife commented on the new arrest of Argeri and the consequent economic losses he would suffer: “He says he can’t take it anymore, he won’t be able to recover either now or ever”.

“Two or three rods are enough for me”

On March 10, a client, who was also relegated to house arrest, called Argeri and warned him that his mother was going to his house to buy drugs: “Piè I called you, my mother is coming to you who was coming to me” and under investigation, he replied: “I can be enough for now to addubar”, but the buyer would have been satisfied with even a little: “Piè, I don’t care, even two rods, three rods”.

The doses sold in front of a minor

The policemen also reconstructed an episode of drug dealing in which a minor was also involved. In fact, from the images taken by a camera you can see Marino, Cannizzaro and the boy sitting on a bench in a public garden, who are called by two people. Cannizzaro would then give them the drugs, while Marino would check that no one arrived.

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