Aeronautics, Giulia Schiff after the sentence: “I deserve justice” –

Aeronautics, Giulia Schiff after the sentence: “I deserve justice” –
Aeronautics, Giulia Schiff after the sentence: “I deserve justice” –
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The words of Giulia Schiff after the sentence of the Council of State confirming the expulsion from the Air Force. The alumni had denounced hazing inside the weapon. On 5 November the trial of eight sergeants of the 70th Wing begins

“They ruined my life. I don’t want pity, I deserve justice“. He says it toAdnkronos Giulia Schiff, the former officer pupil who denounced being a victim of hazing with the “baptism of flight”, following the news that the Council of State confirmed her expulsion from the Air Force.

A few days before the trial that will open on November 5 before the Latina Court against eight sergeants, the former official pupil, through her lawyer, the lawyer Massimiliano Strampelli, replies: “Reasons for illegitimacy in the expulsion procedure c ‘they were and were strong. That the Air Force would admit its responsibilities was an unlikely hypothesis. The Council of State – continues after his appeal was rejected because it was considered unfounded – stated that the enmity between me and my course commander has not been proven. The truth is that it was he, together with a placement officer, who indoctrinated us by explaining what and how we had to do during that rite ».

Giulia’s father, Dino Schiff, he adds: «When the gen. Nuzzo (who is not involved in the investigation, ed) sends the information to the Military Prosecutor’s Office on 5 October 2018, fails to mention the reports I had made to him on 6 April, immediately after the ceremony. It does not take an expert to understand what happened to Giulia: the report of the lashes suffered during the baptism of the flight was not appreciated by her commanders. Even a child understands why his assessments collapsed after the event. ” Attorney Strampelli adds: “Without prejudice to respect for the sentences, there is regret. We believe that the sentence does not do justice to the end ».

Giulia Schiff, the former pilot student of the Air Force Academy of Pozzuoli, had denounced a “baptism of flight” considered violent and aggressive. The Air Force had expelled the pupil considering her not suitable for “military and professional inability”. Schiff had filed an appeal against the deportation, believing the decision was retaliation. But if at first the administrative judges had reinstated her, secondly they confirmed the provision, ordering her to pay the legal costs, and concluding that “no evidence emerges that can prove an incorrect application of the criteria indicated in the guidelines or a ‘unreasonableness of the discretionary technical assessment, with consequent foreclosure of any trade union on the merits “and” retaliatory will is excluded “. But in addition to the administrative part of the story, there is the criminal one. After Schiff’s complaint, the military prosecutor of Rome had asked for the trial of eight sergeants of the 70th Wing of the Aeronautica di Latina: a process that will open on November 5 before the Court of Latina, after the Court of Cassation deemed not competent the military court. The alleged offenses are private violence and multiple aggravated injuries in competition. “We believe that the Latina process can clarify all the aspects that have remained in the shadows so far, including that the rite was known to everyone in the administration and that no commander put an end to it», Explained the lawyer. “We will ask for a summons from the Ministry of Defense as civilian responsible,” he concluded.

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