here is who says goodbye to the grillino check – Libero Quotidiano

here is who says goodbye to the grillino check – Libero Quotidiano
here is who says goodbye to the grillino check – Libero Quotidiano

The measure so dear to the grillini, the Basic income, will be profoundly modified in the next budget law. At the moment they are working on it either Mario Draghi than his Minister of Economy Daniele Franco. Some time ago, the premier had anticipated that it was not his intention to abolish the measure, but he had made it clear that it had to be modified anyway, above all to avoid fraud and to encourage greater integration between those who use it and the world of work.

The hypothesis the government is working on involves a cut of the subsidy in case of refusal of the job offer. This would lead to savings of 700 million compared to the 1.5 billion allocated in 2022 to pay it to users. The total amount allocated for next year would thus be 9 billion euros. To avoid the risk of fraud, then, there are plans to impose ex ante controls for those who ask for it. So – as the Corriere della Sera – will become it is mandatory to attach a residence certificate to the application recent. In addition, it will be necessary to sign the declaration of immediate availability for work of the applicant and his / her family members. All before the question is even considered.

At the moment, the beneficiaries are losing their subsidy only if they reject three job offers. But this, as they made known by INPS, almost never happens, both because the offers are not notified according to the law and because public offices rarely manage to make three different job offers to the same person. That’s why the Draghi-led executive is considering limitations, such as cutting the check at the first or second refusal of a job offer.

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goodbye grillino check Libero Quotidiano

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