“I’m not talking about him in public, but there’s one thing …”

“I’m not talking about him in public, but there’s one thing …”
“I’m not talking about him in public, but there’s one thing …”

Fabrizio Frizzi, the late brother Fabio tv host guest of “Today is another day” from Serena Bortone. Fabio Frizzi he is a composer and is the author of some historical soundtracks such as that of Fantozzi’s films and the unforgettable theme of “Horse fever”.

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Fabio Frizzi, brother of Fabrizio, guest of Serena Bortone at “Today is another day” (Photo: from video)

Fabio Frizzi, to “Today is another day” the memory of his brother Fabrizio

Fabio Frizzi a “Today is another day“Spoke of his family:” We were lucky – he made it known as a guest of the program Serena Bortone – to end up in a family of a certain type, with grandmother, aunt, all together. I wish it to everyone, because then anything can happen in life but the stakes they have planted are important. They taught us to have our feet on the ground and above all to live honestly ».

Fabio Frizzi he then recalled his beloved brother, who passed away Fabrizio: “The fact that Fabrizio being so loved made me feel proud. I’ve hardly ever talked about him in public, but there’s a nice thing. When I go to do shows people make me excited, a girl recently told me in tears when she saw one of her shows as a child. He is dead but there is a beautiful halo around him, even in Rai ».

Also moved Romina Carrisi, who can’t hold back his tears: «I remember him with great affection, when he presented a program with my father Al Bano … I have a wonderful memory».

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