Mottarone tragedy, Eitan Biran will return to Italy: the sentence

Mottarone tragedy, Eitan Biran will return to Italy: the sentence
Mottarone tragedy, Eitan Biran will return to Italy: the sentence

Eitan Biran will leave Israel and return to Italy to see her aunt. The six-year-old boy, the only survivor of the Mottarone tragedy, is at the center of a judicial dispute between his maternal and paternal families. This is the decision of the Tel Aviv Family Court, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Shmuel Peleg, Eitan’s grandfather, will have to pay 70,000 Shekels (about 18,000 euros) in court costs, as established by the court as part of the sentence.

Eitan, according to the court, he has “stronger ties and feels more comfortable with his Italian family and the surrounding environment than he has with his Israeli family and the surrounding environment. “According to the judge, the Jerusalem Post website reports, the child’s grandfather violated the Hague Convention by bringing the child to Israel without legal coverage The court also underlined that Italy is for Eitan “his habitual living environment”.

THE JUDGE’S APPEAL – An appeal to “mend the tear” was launched by the court judge who ruled Eitan’s return to Italy. The judge highlighted how Eitan’s “well-being” requires collaboration between the families involved. “In the phase we are in – he declared in the sentence – it is of fundamental importance to focus on the health and emotional conditions of the minor and to give him the support, care and affection he needs due to the tragedy that has struck him and her. his family”.

THE AUNT – ” Great contentment ” was expressed by Aya Biran, Eitan’s paternal aunt. This was declared to Adnkronos by the lawyer Cristina Pagni, one of Aya Biran’s lawyers, who together with her colleague Grazia Cesaro expresses “ satisfaction with the favorable outcome in Israel which confirms that the Hague Convention has been applied correctly and according to its purposes ”.

Pagni learned the news from her client, who described her as a “moment of joy” for the court decision that will allow her nephew to return to the province of Pavia. Even the aunt expressed satisfaction with “the correct application of the Hague Convention”.

GRANDPA – The Peleg family will appeal. This was stated to Adnkronos Gadi Solomon, the spokesman for Shmuel Peleg, Eitan’s grandfather who took him to Israel, taking him away from the custody of his paternal aunt Aya, his legal guardian.


Mottarone tragedy Eitan Biran return Italy sentence

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