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Takeaway pizza and cocaine, together with the “schiacciatina” also the dose: reported by the police

Watchful eye of the agents of the Cesena Police Station, engaged in the fight against drug dealing. Rather singular the denunciation of a man from Savignano, owner of a takeaway pizzeria, which according to the agents had become the basis of a shopping tour.

Refuse alcohol test: reported

The police had in fact received reports of a cocaine ride within the business. According to the investigations, the sale of a “flatbread” concealed the sale to the customer of a dose of drug, upon payment of 70 euros, in spite of the list price of 2 euros and 50 of the fragrant snack.

As part of a stakeout, the policemen noticed a man entering, already known as a drug addict, who, after exchanging a few words with the owner, waited for the latter, having left the counter for a few moments, to return, handing him a pizza transport box. The customer, who left, was stopped and checked. On the man, confirming the suspicions, the dose of cocaine sold behind the false purchase of the “schiacciatina” has sprung up.

In a car with a truncheon: reported

No other drug was found in the place, but the evidence supported by the statements made by the pizzicato buyer at the exit from the pizzeria, led to the complaint against the owner of the place.


Takeaway pizza cocaine schiacciatina dose reported police

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