Bad weather, a married couple overwhelmed by the mud still lost in Scordia: searches continue

A couple from Scordia, husband and wife, are still missing in a countryside area in the “Ogliastro” district due to bad weather. The two, according to what some passers-by have reported, would have been hit by the fury of the water of a country stream swollen by the heavy and abundant rains that have fallen since yesterday afternoon. Carabinieri, firefighters and divers specialized in searching for the missing intervened on the spot. Instead, another couple was found, also from Scordia along the provincial road. Rescuers after being stranded with the car were taken to the hospital, and according to the firefighters, they are not in danger of life.

Forget it, two elderly missing people have been found

Scord submerged by water: flooded roads – Video

The interventions of the firefighters in the Etna province are still continuing. To meet the over 100 requests for intervention in the queue, two reinforcement teams were also sent to Catania by the provincial commands of the Enna and Ragusa ouoco firefighters and a special operational group of firefighters with earth-moving vehicles.

The areas most affected, in addition to the metropolitan area of ​​Catania, were Maletto, Maniace, Randazzo and the territories of calatino, Palagonia and above all Scordia.

Scordia, cars submerged by water – Video

Due to the flooding of the carriageway and the presence of mud and debris, the state road 120 “Dell’Etna e delle Madonie” is currently closed to traffic in both directions from km 176.00 to km 179,000 at Bronte. Anas staff is on site to manage the emergency and to allow the reopening of the section in the shortest possible time. Due to the flooding of the Simeto river, the state road 194 “Ragusana” is also temporarily closed to traffic in both directions from km 0.300 to km 1.000 in Catania.


Bad weather married couple overwhelmed mud lost Scordia searches continue

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