“They found his body”, mourning in Acacias

The news that everyone feared in Acacias will come in the next episode. The previews of Una Vita reveal a terrible mourning ..

Armando, A Life (Rtve.es screenshot)

Bad news for the inhabitants of Acacias. The sad announcement is coming in the next episodes. Let’s find out the previews of A life.

The Spanish soap has changed programming and airs only from Monday to Friday on Canale 5 at 2.10pm, so no more weekend appointments. The plot continues and will keep its fans in suspense again this week. The main events will be related to health conditions Felipe and the disappearance of Ildefonso.

In the hospital, Felipe still struggles between life and death but there will be a huge twist. On the other hand, at the Passamar home, anxiety about Ildefonso’s waiting will reign. Anabel will visit again Camino who no longer leaves the house to wait for her husband. Felicia tried to reassure her while she wanted to go to the police to start her research. Also Anabel will try to stay close to her and to give her his support, but he also feels very guilty about everything that has happened.

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One Life: “I wanted you to know from me”

Armando and Camino A Life
Armando and Camino, One Life (Rtve.es screenshot)

When Anabel leaves, she’ll be knocking on the door Armando, Suzana’s husband. He will show up in front of Camino with a very sad expression and tell her that the police have arrived at the restaurant. Armando will prepare Camino at the news, saying that he preferred to go personally to her and report it to her.

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The police found Ildefonso’s body, the man committed suicide. Camino will be shocked at the news even if he had always had a bad omen and had manifested it to everyone. It will be a heartbreaking scene, Ildefonso leaves Camino a widow at a very young age and in Acacias mourning will have an enormous echo. The character of the young scion who had the task of making Camino forget Maite leaves the scene forever. But in the end he didn’t make it ..


body mourning Acacias

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