Juve: Dybala, Chiesa and the others, Allegri’s next evolutionary step quality

Juve: Dybala, Chiesa and the others, Allegri’s next evolutionary step quality
Juve: Dybala, Chiesa and the others, Allegri’s next evolutionary step quality

In the last half hour the coach has focused on the Argentine, on Chiesa but also on the Brazilians: once the emergency has been overcome, it is the way not to live only on defensive strength and to go beyond the “short nose”

Born in the weeks of the tensions that compromised the result with Milan and jeopardized the successes with Spezia and Sampdoria, the positive streak of Juve (nine games without losing, six in the league of which four victories) has its roots especially in the the ability to find appropriate emergency solutions in a period of absence such as the Chiesa-Bernardeschi attack and that survival instinct that has cemented the need to restart by giving oneself some defensive certainties. The end of the emergency with the return of the absent opens at this point for Allegri the opportunity to seek in the rediscovered depth of the staff that spurt of growth in offensive and qualitative terms that is objectively lacking.


This is the next evolutionary step at this point necessary for a team that cannot ignore the defensive hold but to pursue its own dutiful ambitions it must now go further, giving air to a deflated offensive phase that achieves little because it produces little. The road shows the last half hour with Inter, not because we saw who knows what tiqui-taka on the pitch and not just because the result was straightened up there. Rather because it is then that, with the exception of Cuadrado and Locatelli in debt of oxygen, it is then that Allegri in pursuit of the same has fielded the highest quality players. Starting with his two men undoubtedly of greater class and impact, who remained out of the starting eleven.


That this Juve cannot do without Paulo Dybala is in the facts, those sanctioned by the coach when he put Joya at the center of the project since the summer, but after almost a month of absence there was no alternative to putting him in the race. course for a matter of minutes in the legs. That Juve cannot do without Federico Chiesa too has been repeated on the pitch, yesterday as already in the blue summer in which the former viola climbed Mancini’s hierarchy, demonstrating on the pitch that he cannot start from the bench. Here the alternative of putting him from the beginning was there, even if seeing him outside the San Siro holders was already an eventuality contemplated not for technical reasons but for the management of a player who “for construction” spends a lot, who in the emergency he was also employed in different positions and that he had been a starter in the last six games (all won).

More quality

The increase in the qualitative rate gave it in the final, more in the potential than in the growth of the game that anyway there was, even the Brazilian couple whose recovery went hand in hand up to return them together before the last stop, Arthur and Kaio Jorge. For both Allegri had words with honey: “Arthur is an extraordinary player. He has an important dribble property, especially when Dybala is in the middle ”. And again: “He’s awake, he knows how to play football. He has good technique and I think he has an excellent chance of finding space and doing well, he has personality. Then he is young and unconscious ”. Beyond the possible structure to keep them all together (perhaps without Morata, but with Cuadrado and Locatelli yes), a way of being on the field capable of going beyond the short nose can only arise from these assumptions. A different Juve is possible, as well as necessary.

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Juve Dybala Chiesa Allegris evolutionary step quality

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