Take the spa bonus: here’s what to do to get it

Take the spa bonus: here’s what to do to get it
Take the spa bonus: here’s what to do to get it

A few more hours and the fastest Italians will be able to take advantage of the bonus term. The measure was made available by the state to “push” the restart of one of the sectors most affected by the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

How does it work

From 12 noon on Thursday 28 October, the platform managed by the Development Agency, Invitalia, will be operational, which will allow registration to spas who have decided to join the spa bonus. In this first phase the citizens will remain to “look” and perhaps choose the preferred location because, to request the maximum contribution of 200 euros (100% discount on the selected spa services), you will have to wait until Monday 8 November. In practice, the bonus is a discount on the invoice: all adults can take advantage of it without Isee limits and without any connection with the family unit, each person is independent.

As mentioned, this reform was designed to restore breath to a sector hard hit by the closures due to Covid-19. Be careful, however, because this bonus is not infinite: the amount available is 53 million euros. Once that limit has been reached, it will no longer be possible to request the incentive at the spa.

What the spas should do

Each spa institution that has decided to join the initiative must first of all be accredited on Invitalia if you have two basic requirements indicated in the Ministerial Decree of 1 July 2021: you must be registered in the business register and be in possession of the 2007 ATECO code (96.04.20) “Thermal establishments“. As reported The messenger, the legal representative of the spa interested in being accredited “you can submit your request by logging in via Spid, starting from October 28th“. At that point, Invitalia will check the documentation and accredit the spa. Each bonus booked by the individual citizen will be available in order chronological reservation until, as mentioned, at the end of the allocated resources.

What you need to know

The Invitalia site reports some warnings that must be read with attention: in addition to the requirement of majority age, the bonus “it cannot be granted for spa services already paid for by the SSN, other public bodies or subject to further benefits recognized to the citizen, it cannot be transferred to third parties, either free of charge or in exchange for a cash consideration, it does not constitute taxable income of the citizen who benefits from it and cannot be calculated in the value of the equivalent economic situation indicator “. Finally, it cannot even be used for catering or hospitality services.


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