Padua first in Italy for drug dealing, there is a controversy over safety

Padua first in Italy for drug dealing, there is a controversy over safety
Padua first in Italy for drug dealing, there is a controversy over safety

PADUA. Over a thousand complaints in 2020, an index of 107 per 100 thousand inhabitants. With these data Padua becomes the first province in Italy for crimes related to drug trafficking and drug dealing. This is what emerges from the ranking of the Sole 24 Ore which today published the Crime Index in the Italian Provinces. The critical issues related to safety in large metropolitan areas are confirmed in the ranking, all among the top 20 provinces of the ranking. Milan is in first place for complaints, Bologna rises to second place, followed by Rimini and Prato for the index per 100 thousand inhabitants. Padua is in 27th place and records a 16% decrease in crimes in 2020 compared to 2019, obviously the result of the lockdown and the pandemic. So much so that in the first half of 2021 the change returned to positive by 9.8%.

The political controversy on security explodes immediately. “Padua in first place for drug dealing, Giordani’s famous“ records ”. In 2022 we liberate the city ”, tweets the former Northern League mayor Massimo Bitonci. “Unfortunately, the ranking of Il Sole 24 ore does nothing but photograph the sad reality that, as a council group of the Brothers of Italy, we have been denouncing for years: the city is the destination and theater of a continuous traffic and use of drugs, both” light ” that “heavy” – explains the councilor of Fratelli d’Italia Enrico Turrin – On the other hand, just wander around the station, in Piazza Gasparotto (right in front of the offices of the Social Services Sector of the municipality), but also in the central squares, to realize the extent of the problem. Problem that has repercussions in widespread petty crime linked to drug dealing, receiving stolen goods, prostitution due to the drug trade, muggings and robberies. The politics of the ostrich and of “everything is fine” conducted in recent years by the left in the government of this city, has only produced a constant worsening of the situation. We went from 9th place in 2019, to 7th in 2020, to the sad record of 2021 in the national ranking. A bankruptcy policy that must be terminated with a change of administration ”.

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