Spalletti seemed to be able to win it but the substitutions weakened Napoli

Roma makes peace with its fans and imposes the first braking on Napoli. This is the title chosen by Corriere della Sera to tell the 0-0 of the Olimpico between Rome and Naples: “In the second half, Napoli resumed grinding and building the clearest chance. Mancini was prodigious in countering Osimhen, served by Politano: ball and defender crashed on the post.

Up to 75 ‘it seemed that Spallettone (copyright: Mourinho) could also take home the ninth victory in a row, but the substitutions have softened the team rather than revitalized it. So Roma, which had had another chance with a header from Mancini, closed the attack, signing an armistice with the fans. S.


Spalletti win substitutions weakened Napoli

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