On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 25 October: “AZ dangerous on young people”. But for the halt it took the dead

On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 25 October: “AZ dangerous on young people”. But for the halt it took the dead
On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 25 October: “AZ dangerous on young people”. But for the halt it took the dead
Di Maio’s book

“2018: so Sapelli jumped and Conte became premier”

We publish an extract from the book by Luigi Di Maio “A love called politics (published by Piemme) in which the current Foreign Minister recalls how, on May 14, 2018, the decision to indicate Giuseppe Conte (lawyer and independent university professor, who had agreed to be part of the list of possible 5-star ministers before […]

He report

Kosovo and Serbia ethnic tensions on the razor’s edge

the disputed territory. New clashes between the Slavic minority living in the northern enclaves and Pristina, of which Belgrade has never accepted independence. In Mitrovica, a city that symbolizes the division, the armored vehicles are back

The Data speaks

Gender Pay Gap: This is why wage parity alone is not enough

Women and work – Many ignored items contribute to gender inequality: from hours worked to invisible variables

Banking fool

The Mps-Unicredit breakup. The Treasury wants the Ad out

Epilogue – The stop to negotiations is official, politics rejoices. The ministerial leaders try to torpedo the manager appointed in Siena in 2020 at the 5Stelle quota


Arcuri masks good for Iss: only a “private” institution says no

Masks – PPE “dangerous for health”

Gianfranco Rotondi, Marino Niola – (Dis) honorable

“Shameless politicians the scandal is now a hoax and ideas are dead”

He is a Christian Democrat of the Avellino rite. He was already elderly as a young man, let alone today when he reached sixty. Modest and God-fearing, he does not esteem the shameless (with whom he remains a friend, however). The other is a scholar of social phenomena. Here he investigates shamelessness. Gianfranco Rotondi: “I have been in Parliament for twenty years and all the shame is there […]

Pietre & Popolo – Cala di Forno

Mr Prada’s “paradise” and the inaccessible beach

“You make yourselves slaves: and then you hate the master. You take off your hats as they pass, and then yell at them. It makes me laugh that you come here to shoot words at the powerful, when the powerful always cheer them and celebrate them: fill the squares for the funerals of kings and for weddings […]


Right-wing ministers ignore B. and Salvini: “We faithful to Draghi”

Rift – Leaders gather six government officials to commission them. But they make a counter-control room

“Plan B” – The British media

In the UK too many infections: now even BoJo is thinking of a mini-Green pass

Yesterday, for the first time in eleven weeks, the UK dropped below 40,000 new Covid cases in 24 hours. However, the numbers are still very high (the average of the last week was about 44 thousand per day) to the point that – according to what was written yesterday by The Observer, the Sunday of the newspaper […]

Important news

Do you know the latest?

The artificial stupidity of the Egyptian police, cheerful grandmothers, drug dealing felines, male writers, empty tires and flights of fancy

Thursday the cdm

Pensions, the League negotiates on quotas

A few more days to find an agreement on pensions, bonuses, on the tax authorities. The maneuver site seems destined to remain open until Thursday, when the Council of Ministers could be convened to approve the budget law. The next few hours will serve to find a difficult understanding with the majority and with the social partners […]

The parity bill

Organization and working times do not penalize women: the new law

Senate – The process will be quick: only the commission votes

Do your makeup again

Fossils (and other troubles): the “holes” in the ethical basket of the Italian Stock Exchange

As many as 24 of the 40 companies in the new “Mib Esg” index in the last year have had one or more problems of sustainability, governance or trade union relations


Central banks, an end to dogmas and (perhaps) academic fetishes

With the crisis they have become key players and the fable of their “independence” has vanished A book explains how to observe monetary policies without the tarnished lenses of old theories

After Quota 100

An innovative proposal to give freedom to those who work and shift resources to women and young people

At the end of this year “Quota 100” will end, a measure to be filed as bankruptcy both in terms of costs and equity. Everyone seems to agree in overcoming the rigidity of the age and seniority requirements, envisaged by the “Fornero reform”, even if Draghi believes that it is the norm to which to gradually return. Intergenerational equity, so far trampled on, […]

Other places – Gaza Strip

Economy KO. Israel grants 10,000 permits

Israel will soon bring the number of work permits for Gaza Strip traders and workers to 10,000. It is the highest number of permits Israel has granted in many years. The increase, equivalent to 3,000 additional permits, is part of the Jewish state’s efforts to alleviate tensions over border security […]

The Marvel movie

“Eternals”, our patience is superhuman

In preview at the Rome Film Festival and from 3 November in the hall, Zhao signs a politically correct meatloaf: 10 fair heroes by gender, marginalized by script

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