who is it, the gossip goes crazy

who is it, the gossip goes crazy
who is it, the gossip goes crazy


The charming Turkish actor would already have a new flame: that’s who we’re talking about

Published on 24 October 2021

On the occasion of a particularly direct gossip broadcast a few hours ago, the two gossip experts Alessandro Rosica e Biagio D’Anelli they dropped a bomb indiscretion. In fact, it would seem that the bel Can Yaman has already found a replacement for Diletta Leotta. After the end of the relationship with the soubrette (for a long time a real secret of Pulcinella) Can would have in short a new flame.

The person concerned would be called, apparently, Maria. We know about the girl that she is originally from Campania, that she has black hair, that she is 29 years old and that she is beautiful. That will be enough for the fans for a good dose of envy, given that the interpreter of DayDreamer – The wings of the dream today he is one of the most courted men in the world.

Rosica, during the live broadcast, however, wanted to make another important clarification. According to the information in his possession, in fact, this mysterious Maria would be a simple acquaintance for now. In short, there is nothing serious, at least on paper. “We unbalance ourselves a bit more and we tell you that Can is currently not engaged permanently, like an official boyfriend with no one “ said the gossip expert.

Can, among other things, would not be “in dance” with only one girl, but even with two. Biagio Anelli and Alessandro Rosica also told of a second possible acquaintance for the actor, even if they have not provided us with information about it.

Can Yaman, as always, continues to work at full speed without giving particular cause to gossip. The actor, who is currently engaged in the filming of the fiction Purple like the sea. next to Francesca Chillemi, has not denied or confirmed (for now) the rumors. On the other hand, we are not surprised, given that he has always shown himself to be very reserved.

And what is Dilletta Leotta doing in the meantime? The last time we heard about it seriously was on the occasion of the exclusive interview that the sports presenter gave Silvia Toffanin to Verissimo. In the living room of Canale 5, Leotta had confirmed the end of the relationship with Can, simply underlining that “Dividing the person from the character had never been easy”.

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