the new game will have Hitman-style elements, says Jeff Grubb –

the new game will have Hitman-style elements, says Jeff Grubb –
the new game will have Hitman-style elements, says Jeff Grubb –

Splinter Cell seems to be close to returning to the gaming market, based on the latest rumors that they want a new game coming to the Ubisoft series and this modern chapter may have some Hitman style elements, according to the usual journalist / insider Jeff Grubb.

According to the GamesBeat journalist, Ubisoft would have tried the new Splinter Cell to a small circle of testers and in this test phase some particular features of the new chapter would have emerged, such as game elements similar in some way to the new Hitman series, intended as the chapters of the trilogy reboot starting in 2016.

“Testing didn’t spend much time with the alleged Splinter Cell game,” he explained Jeff Grubb, reporting how the prototype of the game was made to try out by some users. “Ubisoft shared a vertical section that was essentially the tutorial part of the game. But in this version of the game you can see some elements combined between the classic Splinter Cell action and some elements similar to the 2016 Hitman reboot.”

Obviously, even in this case it is only rumors, so we cannot take them as real information, but it is certain that a series based on the stealth how Splinter Cell can receive some influence from Hitman, especially for how this last series has come to configure with the new IO Interactive trilogy, very sophisticated and modernized in dynamics.

In recent days it has emerged that there would be a new episode of the series in progress regarding Splinter Cell, information that was also shared by the legendary Luca Ward, historical voice of Sam Fisher.


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