Brigades, fascists and doctor attacked: the violence of no passes in the squares

Brigades, fascists and doctor attacked: the violence of no passes in the squares
Brigades, fascists and doctor attacked: the violence of no passes in the squares

Saturday 23 October, for the 14th consecutive week, the squares were filled with people in protest, some against the vaccine, some against the Green pass, who against anything else that was even remotely a valid reason to join the processions. From Aosta to Syracuse, throughout Italy there were dozens of cities that participated in the mobilizations and, also due to the law of large numbers, the most crowded square was once again that of Milan. The security management system by the police has worked and there have been no noteworthy clashes between demonstrators and police, carabinieri and financial police. This does not mean that there have been several episodes of violence, as well as the complaints and the oddities of these demonstrations that profess to be non-partisan.

Ex Br at the head of the procession

In the variegated social composition of the Milanese procession, it stands out that leading the serpent that for long hours winded through the center of Milan was Paolo Maurizio Ferrari. To most people this name might not say much, but it is a former member of the Red Brigades, who has never really dissociated himself from the armed struggle. He was there, in the front row, holding a sign with the words “now and always resistance”, so much so that he was photographed and filmed from various angles by the operators who were documenting the event. Today he is 75 years old but this has not prevented him from covering a good part of the procession on foot.

9 neo-fascists denounced

But in the heart of the human river there were also the exponents of Do.ra. Nine of them were denounced for apology for fascism by the state police for having indulged in expressions of a clear fascist stamp during the march, which was otherwise unauthorized. They were present in the procession from the beginning, they are between 28 and 45 years old, and were blocked in viale Abruzzi at the corner with via Pecchio. From there they were taken to the police station for identification.

8 of them are resident in the Varese area and one in the province of Bergamo. Under the Scelba law, they were also denounced for unannounced demonstrations, public office interruptions and private violence. In addition, the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi also issued nine mandatory street papers from the Municipality of Milan, one lasting 6 months and the remaining for a year.

83 complaints and an arrest for the demonstrations in Milan

A 22-year-old boy, of Egyptian origin and already affected by an expulsion order from Italy, was arrested by the police for resistance to public officials. The 9 reported by Do.ra, on the other hand, are added to other 74 people who were also reported for unannounced demonstration, interruption of public office and private violence. Among these, a 28-year-old Milanese was also reported for outrage against a political body, a 48-year-old from Brianza for dangerous ignitions and explosions and a 47-year-old woman for misrepresentation.

A journalist from Tg5 attacked

In piazzale Loreto, at the end of the first part of the procession, some demonstrators surrounded and pushed the Tg5 envoy Enrico Fedocci, at that moment engaged in the creation of a service for his newscast. “The events that occurred during the ‘no Green pass’ march, with the aggression and threats to the colleague, cross a very dangerous border“said the president of the Lombardy Order of Journalists, Alessandro Galimberti.

Freedom of demonstration and even the right to criticize reporters cannot tolerate outbursts of organized violence and targeted against professionals who are carrying out their work in public, without any defense from aggression and thieves“, continued Galimberti. in his reading, the president then turned to the commissioner, asking to”to raise the level of attention against street agitators, to identify those responsible for the serious episodes of last night and to guarantee for the future adequate conditions for the protection of colleagues who bear the right and duty to inform citizens“.

Doctor attacked in Rome

After a quarrel with some no vax protesters who were returning from the sit-in at the Circus Maximus which was also attended Enrico Montesano, a doctor was attacked on the platform of the San Paolo metro. The doctor was on board an urban train carriage with six protesters against the Green pass when she intervened in a discussion about vaccines and a green certificate, which then degenerated into a dispute. Once on the dock, the doctor was hit by a man who headbutted her. Rescue was immediate and the woman was transported to the CTO hospital in green code. Now the police are analyzing the service cameras to track down the attackers.

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