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“The immunological response is excellent and the side effects are minimal. Mothers trust doctors” –

Between December and January also in Italy it will be possible to start vaccinate children between the ages of 5 and 11. Yesterday the ‘Food and Drug administration’ confirmed the efficacy and safety of ‘Pfizer-Biontech’ also for children and in all likelihood, starting from November, in the US it will already start in early November. In the study, the agency concludes that in almost all scenarios i benefits of the vaccine in preventing hospitalization and death exceed any side effects.

We have recorded the opinion of Riccardo Borea, primary of Pediatrics in Als 1 imperiese. “From a general point of view, explains the head physician, we have to wait for the EMA and then Aifa to express themselves first, but compared to what we have been able to see from the data, it is highlighted the excellent immunological response just as the protective efficacy of the vaccine is very good even towards children. Land contraindications, on the other hand, are those already known and are very modest. Therefore, if we look at the cost-benefit ratio, i benefits that the anti-covid vaccine gives us are superior to the side effects, Anyway minimum that can be had “.

Pfizer in these hours presented the results of the study carried out on 2,268 children to the American body. The most significant data is precisely that on effectiveness: the ability of the vaccine to prevent symptomatic infection is 90.7%. “Pfizer has better efficacy, sottolinea Borea, and a higher antibody titer in terms of protection and, from population studies, it is also the one that has fewer side effects. There are minimal effects such as fatigue, fever, slight or absent swelling of the glands after the injection and therefore, by comparing all this, you have damage that the coronavirus can cause, the side effects are very, very mild “.

Going to analyze which ones complications may have the disease on children the chief Borea explains to us that “in pediatric age a not particularly dangerous flu-like infection usually occurs, but aWe also had cases of Misc (Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children ndr) ossia multisystem inflammatory disease involving a clinical picture of shock, pneumonia, myocarditis, major vascular and renal complications; this is not common, but children can be affected and the consequences can be fatal. This is an ongoing infection that can affect various organs. There is also a lot of fever, skin rash and more myocarditis and kidney complications. In recent months in the province of Imperia we have had two cases of Misc ”.

We asked primary Borea to address a message to the many mothers who still today are wary and skeptical of anti-covid vaccination. The answer is one and the message is very strong. “Mothers must trust doctors, comments the head of Pediatrics; all over the world the overwhelming majority of doctors are in favor of the vaccination campaign also because they see i in the field benefits of vaccination on children with respect to complications from the disease and everyone sees the benefits for adults and children who are vaccinated versus those who are not. I tell them to trust the doctors. It deals with an advantageous protection measure per them and their children compared to those who do not get vaccinated. The various obstetrics societies also invite women to get vaccinated even during pregnancy. Not trusting, in this context, has no justification; we will therefore try to convince more and more people to get closer to vaccination ”.


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