Inter, Inzaghi: “We didn’t concede anything to Juve. Red? I made a mistake, like the referee”

After the home draw against Juventus, the Inter coach Simone Inzaghi spoke to the microphones of DAZN: “It was the only way in my opinion we could concede. We led the game from start to finish, we didn’t concede anything to Juventus. They are two points thrown away that I don’t like. The referee is there two meters, he says that everything is fine and then he is called back. Sorry for the fans, we deserved more. “

Inter in the second most crushed?
“I had the opposite impression to yours. Then I’ll see you again. We didn’t worry. Six against one we had to pay more attention but the referee at a meter and a half signals to play. Then there was my angry gesture. not nice to look at. We did very well. “

In the second half voluntarily lowered?
“In the first half we pressed across the board. We struggled. Then we knew that Juventus had the possibility of putting very dangerous players and we were slightly lower. I think we conceded zero to a very strong team.”

Defenders very attached to Juventus players?
“I think we have been good. We have not conceded anything to a team with great starts. It is the whole team then that the team defended itself, the only flaw is the result that penalizes us.”

“Ivan was on the massage table at the end of the first half because his flexor was a bit sore. Then he signaled to me that he had no problem, then Chiesa entered and was booked”.

Did Dumfries have the time to evaluate the surgery?
“I think so because we were clearly in numerical superiority close to the ball. But as a coach in the 89th minute in a match like this, you see the referee at two meters makes a sign that everything is alright it is normal that you can get angry like I did” .

Tell us about that moment there.
“Probably he was told. I was making the change of Vecino, I had the shirt in my hand and after a minute and a half I saw the penalty awarded. I was wrong as the referee made a mistake at two meters to signal that everything was regular”.


Inter Inzaghi didnt concede Juve Red mistake referee

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