Covid funds disappeared, the Gom staff takes the case to the tribal · Il Reggino

Covid funds disappeared, the Gom staff takes the case to the tribal · Il Reggino
Covid funds disappeared, the Gom staff takes the case to the tribal · Il Reggino

We called them heroes but today someone seems to have forgotten about them. Healthcare workers, who did not hold back in the face of an unknown virus and faced the pandemic to exhaustion, have now been abandoned. The covid funds destined for them have ended up in limbo and Calabria is again the only region at the bottom not to have paid them. But a group of operators from the Gom of Reggio Calabria decided to raise their heads distrusting the Region and the hospital.

These are the reasons that led a group of employees of the Great Metropolitan Hospital “Bianchi – Melacrino – Morelli“, With the qualification of Social Health Operators, which in 2020 has faced the Covid 19 emergency, lending his work with self-denial and commendable spirit of sacrifice, he turned to lawyers Antonella Irtolo and Samantha Farcomeni to obtain the allowances allocated by Law Decree no. 18/2020 (Italian Care Decree) and by Law Decree no. 34/2020 (Relaunch Decree) in favor of the employees of the National Health Service directly employed in the activities of contrasting the epidemiological emergency determined by the spread of COVID-19.

The terms of the warning have expired without an explanation from the region or the Gom but the operators do not intend to stop and the matter will end up in court. Despite the provisions of the decrees, despite the agreement signed on 6 July 2020 between the Department Health Protection and Social Health Services of the Calabria Region and the OO.SS. category of the Section and the Health Area, despite the integration of the funds also through additional regional resources that have brought the amount available for Calabrian health personnel to € 18,055,923.29, although the aforementioned funds have been assigned, approved and distributed and despite the fact that, finally, the Calabria Region has already arranged for their transfer to the Health Authorities and Hospitals of the Regional Health Service, not a cent has yet been paid to the staff of the Regional Health Service of Calabria.

The lawyers, therefore, formally warned, at the same time putting them in default, the Calabria Region and the Health Authority concerned, to pay the amount due to the health personnel.m deployed during the COVID emergency, announcing secure legal action in all the competent offices, in the event of non-payment.


Covid funds disappeared Gom staff takes case tribal Reggino

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