All at the fair with pass and mask

All at the fair with pass and mask
All at the fair with pass and mask

Fair day between gates and controls, masks and Green pass. Yesterday the October market exhibition in Rovigo officially opened, with 230 stalls in the center and the snake of exhibitors to color squares and streets. Lots of people in the center, as well as the Censer funfair and Expo Rovigo, the beautiful sunny day has in fact encouraged everyone to take a walk among the stalls.

A fair at the time of Covid, with the pandemic in retreat, and fewer restrictions than in recent months. But with the nightmare of new waves not quite past yet. Here then is that the first fair of the Covid era is with masks and Green pass. The green passport is mandatory but with random checks, in the sense that not all entrances are checked, but the local police officers will check, on a sample basis, the possession of the certification.

From yesterday morning the access gates to the fair area were manned by stewards deployed by the organization (the fair is organized by Cofipo) who verified that there were not too many people at the same time along the fair route. A count of the accesses with the reminder to respect the prescriptions. The obligations referred to in information points and signs to emphasize possession of the pass and the prohibition of gatherings. Local police officers at work to ensure that among the stalls people wore masks, respected the distance and showed the Green pass at the request of the same officer. Throughout the day, the stewards invited people to wear masks and checked a few sample passes. The traffic police did the same in the amusement park area in via Porta Adige.

Yesterday morning in the center also the deputy vicar Rosa Correale, who in addition to a tour among the stalls, is passionate about carved and collectible wooden objects, as well as Apulian bread, he was also able to realize how the control machine was proceeding: “I would say – he said – that we got off to a good start, safety is guaranteed and people are proceeding orderly and with masks.. for days we worked on the safety aspects, finally after many closures we talk about openings. Controls will continue for the entire duration of the event to ensure compliance with the rules “. In the afternoon, the number of people in the streets of the fair increased considerably.


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