I can be useful, I will do what the Country- Corriere.it needs

I can be useful, I will do what the Country- Corriere.it needs
I can be useful, I will do what the Country- Corriere.it needs
from Paola Di Caro and Cesare Zapperi

The former premier places Forza Italia firmly among the moderates but “the center involves a choice of field, it is an alternative to the left and distinct from the right”. The blue ministers: “We will not let Matteo Salvini dictate the line”

Do you think of the Quirinale? “I think that Silvio Berlusconi can still be useful to the country and to Italian citizens, given the esteem that still surrounds me in Europe. We will see what I can do, I will not back down, and I will do what can be useful for our country ». Silvio Berlusconi completes the two days of media centrality and, after the interview with the «Corriere della Sera”
, fine-tunes his line at the Gianfranco Rotondi conference. He does so by placing his Forza Italia firmly among the moderates, but «the center – he says – is not at all equidistant, instead it involves a choice of field, it is an alternative to the left and is also clearly distinct from the right. A center that must be the driving force behind a center-right government ».

Words that warm the hearts of his parents – from Anna Maria Bernini to Antonio Tajani – but that leave their mark, like private ones. In fact, they say that – before publicly calling the “rebel” blue ministers to order and making the allies understand that it is not yet their turn to lead the coalition – Berlusconi on Saturday phoned both Giorgia Meloni that a Matteo Salvini. A way to reassure them, to ensure that there are no maneuvers in place and to confirm that “we will move together”. It is not known if in the interviews he will have had the opportunity to reiterate what he has been repeating for weeks to trusted interlocutors: for
, a “not impossible” objective, it is necessary not to lose votes on the right and to gain “about fifty” in the center-left, thanks to a responsible, serious and non-extremist attitude. It is a battle that must be played, he repeats, even with a weapon that other candidates do not have: he is the only one, he would have revealed, that going up to the Hill could allow Draghi to continue to govern for a couple of years, after the which also for reasons of age, would give him the place.

More a thought among many than a strategy, but it makes us understand how much – as many say in the center-right – the Cavaliere’s moves should be read a lot in view of the race to the Quirinale. Giorgia Meloni thinks so, who they describe not exactly happy with the Cavaliere’s releases, but realistic: until February we must expect other releases in which she will treat the two allies as kids who have yet to learn good manners well. The need to gain consensus even at the center, FdI reason, leads Berlusconi to show himself at times distant from Meloni and Salvini, at times totally in line so as not to lose them, even if, comments Ignazio La Russa “never forget that in the moments that count Berlusconi he has always been bipolar, he has been able to split politics in two ».

For now, therefore, no replies. Not even from the Lega, where Giancarlo Giorgetti focuses on the Draghi government which is “a long-term investment” while everyone prefers silence rather worried about the divisions in FI. Fear, they say, is “the holding of the blues”, starting with the ministers. The summit with the two ministerial teams of Lega and FI and Salvini and Berlusconi themselves risks becoming a “front meeting”.

On the other hand, even the ministers prefer silence in public. Out of “respect”, they explain, since “loyalty and esteem” for the Knight do not fail. But his accusation of having moved only out of “personal misunderstandings” burns: “We are doing politics, the problems should not be dealt with emotionally,” they say. And if it is “absolutely positive” that Berlusconi has reaffirmed his total support for Draghi, the problem remains: “We cannot let Salvini dictate the line, neither at the top nor we ministers”. Gelmini, Carfagna and Brunetta will not take “orders”: “We will not start barricading at an altitude of 100 or fighting sovereign battles”. But they will do it – they assure – always from within FI, without breaks, with a line: “The center-right cannot be reduced to a competition between Salvini and Meloni or we all lose”.

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