Positive Mietta at Covid, Selvaggia Lucarelli: “Are you vaccinated?”. The singer explains everything

Positive Mietta at Covid, Selvaggia Lucarelli: “Are you vaccinated?”. The singer explains everything
Positive Mietta at Covid, Selvaggia Lucarelli: “Are you vaccinated?”. The singer explains everything

A Dancing with the stars 2021, Covid knocked out a couple: Mietta and the Cuban dancer Maykel Fonts. The announcement came from the presenter Milly Carlucci, during the live program of Rai1, Saturday evening. The hostess also connected through a big screen with the singer and her competition partner. Mietta claimed to have no symptoms but to have resulted positive to the swab. While, Fonts is negative, but waiting for the result (arrived in the evening ed) had to respect the quarantine and could not arrive in the studio to perform and therefore could not keep the couple in the competition. After the first complaints from the public, the clarification: “For the moment they are eliminated, let’s see if next week they can return to the race “.

Immediately after this last explanation, it is intervened Selvaggia Lucarelli, on the jury together with Guillermo Mariotto, Ivan Zazzaroni, Fabio Canino ea Carolyn Smith. The journalist returned to the topic: “Are Maykel and Mietta vaccinated?” A question to which Carlucci replied: “We all are”. Affirmative answer also from Fonts while Mietta she limited herself to asking: “Why do we have to talk about this?”. Immediate replication of the Lucarelli: “I want to hope that they are all vaccinated, I hope that this program is carried out with great responsibility. Last year there was no vaccine, this year there is I hope they are all vaccinated. “” Nobody wants to put anyone’s health at risk. I’m not on the defensive, maybe I’m just disappointed because I wanted to stay there and not talk from home “, replied the singer.

Later in the evening Lucarelli tweeted: “For a person who gets Covid here, the professional dancer, make-up artist, hairdresser and anyone who has had close contacts go home. Sorry to see people happy to work go home. It happens, at least let’s try to prevent it by vaccinating ourselves.” But then a second Tweet: “Beyond any consideration, throwing names of presumed unvaccinated competitors on Twitter (in addition to Mietta that we talked about tonight) is very bad”. Yes, because sui social media the uproar immediately broke out: Mietta ended up in the crosshairs of all convinced vaccinators, guilty of not having vaccinated by personal choice.

But new updates have arrived today. Guillermo Mariotto, live on ‘Sunday In’, revealed that Mietta actually has personal health problems which prevent her from getting vaccinated. But the juror’s statements did not convince her Lucarelli, which is back to have your say on Instagram Stories: “From my point of view it must stay at home, it does not expose elderly or frail people to serious risks … If you participate in Dancing without being vaccinated, you also expose a production of a television event to a risk. we believe, health problems are a big no-vax horse. I don’t care that you aren’t vaccinated for your own sake or ideological reasons. In such a situation it is better stay home, do not participate. Or at least you get rid of the embarrassment and when you are asked a question like this in the broadcast you say: “Unfortunately I cannot tell you the reason why I have not been vaccinated but I can tell you that as soon as I overcome this health problem I will vaccinate myself, because I can’t wait ”.

Could Mietta remain silent at this point? So, here is what the singer has released a press release in which it has reiterated that they have problems which prevent her from getting vaccinated. The Apulian artist also stressed that he considers shameful the treatment received, seen and considered that for privacy reasons in no way should she have felt obliged to reveal anything. Also, he did know of having swabs to get the green pass as required by law and announced legal actions to protect his privacy and dignity and to wait for Lucarelli’s apologies

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