Covid Padua, husband and wife no-vax struggle between life and death in intensive care

Covid Padua, husband and wife no-vax struggle between life and death in intensive care
Covid Padua, husband and wife no-vax struggle between life and death in intensive care

Padua, 24 October 2021 – Intubated, two unvaccinated spouses in their 50s they fight against Covid, between life and death. Admitted to intensive care therapy, they are both in very serious condition. Husband and wife, originally from Eastern Europe, are found together in the “box Covid”, A large intensive care room where now they struggle between life and death, in two close beds, attached to respirators. I health professionals do not dare to make any prognosis. To keep them alive, are the infusion pumps, i dialysis machinery, the cylinders of nitric oxide for circulation control. The couple had presented themselves to the hospital in Padua about ten days ago, both with with breathing problems. Husband and wife explained to doctors that none of them had the vaccine. Confirmed the diagnosis of Covid, they were hospitalized immediately, first in separate rooms and then together in intensive care.

Not all Covid sufferers can be treated at home. This is the opinion of the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, which takes stock of the infections that have occurred in the last 20 months. “For home care, in Veneto we had 470 thousand infectedof these 440 thousand we have treated them at home and the others we have necessarily had to hospitalize. AND we would tell a lie if we said we can heal everyone at home“. Being treated by a no-vax doctor, he dies in hospital

What happened

The no-vax spouses had presented themselves ten days ago at the hospital in Padova with the same symptoms: a severe breathing difficulties. As they underwent tests, which confirmed Sars Cov-2 infection, they told doctors that neither of them had ever presented to health hubs for the injection. A no-vax couple. The doctors did not have time to investigate the reasons, because in a flash husband and wife found themselves in intensive care. Initially the couple had been separated, in two different recovery rooms. They gave themselves courage each other by talking on the phone. Then the symptoms of the disease became more severe. And the couple was put in one room, one “Covid box” of 40 square meters, the two beds next to each other, he and she intubated and attached to respirators. Covid, no vax died at 53 in Rovigo

It is not the first time that a husband and wife have ended up together in a hospital room for Covid. TO Padova it had already happened and the hospital had tried to to support these patients also on an emotional level, hospitalizing them in a “double room”. But it had not yet happened that this happened in intensive care, and for the same probable cause: the refusal of the vaccine. Despite the immunization campaign now showing high coverage rates, too in Veneto, infections and hospitalizations have started to rise again for a few days. The hospital company of Padova, counts today 41 Covid hospitalized, 10 of them in intensive care. Of these, half are unvaccinated subjects. The great work of the doctors and the continuous advancement of the protocols, however, meant that the deaths almost stopped. The pulp writer Michele Serio struck down by Covid. “Naples loses a visionary”

Veneto: contagions in repetition

The latest bulletin from the Ministry of Health reports that 3,725 Covid test positives have been identified in the last 24 hours in Italy. Yesterday there were 3,908. On the other hand, there were 24 victims in one day, 39 yesterday. In Veneto, 398 new cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, of which 110 in Padua.

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