“When to take the second dose” – Time

“When to take the second dose” – Time
“When to take the second dose” – Time

Giada Oricchio

October 24, 2021

New dose for the vaccinated Johnson and Johnson? Franco Locatelli hesitates to “What’s the weather like”. The president of the Higher Health Council and coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee during the Coronavirus emergency, guest of the Sunday program of Fabio Fazio su Rai3, Sunday 24 October, explained that Italy is better off than other European countries, including Germany, for having chosen gradual reopening and for having carried out a vaccination campaign by categories, “certainly not by chance”.

Locatelli renews the appeal to get vaccinated as a gesture of love for oneself and for the community, but has a moment of hesitation and embarrassment when Fazio asks him what will happen to those who received the Johnson & Johnson, single dose vaccine: “It is true that these people must be vaccinated within two months of inoculation? ”, Locatelli observes:“ The J&J has obtained the approval of single-dose administration; in these hours there is the news of a revision by the Fda (the American agency at) and maybe it will also come from Ema (European Medicines Agency is the agency of the European Union nda), for administration of a second dose with an mRna vaccine (therefore the heterologous with Pfizer or Moderna, ed) which would also have the advantage of generating an even better immunological response “.

The journalist, however, insists: “But even after two months? Because for many they have passed, you will have to hurry “and the professor, albeit hesitant, assures:” Even administering it for more than 2 months does not affect its effectiveness. As soon as the ok comes, we will be fast”.

Locatelli promotes the vaccine for children 5-12 years: “It is safe, after the Pfizer request, the FDA has confirmed that the benefits far outweigh any risk and a third of the dose we received will be used”. More cautious about the third dose for everyone compared to other colleagues: “It is certainly recommended for people with frailty, with concomitant pathology or for personal reasons and for immunosuppressed subjects. It is possible that later we will come to consider it also for the younger ones ”. The vaccination campaign is proceeding fairly quickly, but the member of the CTS does not exclude the compulsory vaccine: “If the extremes and conditions were to be set, it could be possible to consider the obligation to vaccinate”.

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